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Adultery is an assault on God's design and purpose for sex. In a pornified world good discipleship must include going beyond prudishness to restored holy passion. A powerful message from Allan Meyer.โดย Allan Meyer
Genesis 1 shows us that creation is indeed good, that we are made as creators, and the way we can model our own creativity after God. From this, we can apply creativity in all areas of faith and life - particularly looking through the lenses of Encounter, Develop and Influence.โดย Julian Ham
Goliath never stood a chance against David, future King of Israel, because David fought differently. As such, when we are faced with giants in our lives we know that through the Holy Spirit our fight is also fought differently. A powerful message from Shelley Ligtermoet.โดย Shelley Ligtermoet
Between the “anointed” and the “appointed”, there is an in between space where David needs to be consecrated. Godwin Shim brings some relevant and practical principles in overcoming battles in this in between space.โดย Godwin Shim
We can be defined by our personal and cultural limitations or we can be empowered by the Spirit to fulfil our destiny. An inspiring message from Marg Perry and powerful stories from courageous women of faith.โดย Marg Perry
The key that we need to live out our Godly purpose is not just our own labor and intellect but the supernatural intervention and assistance of God in our lives. Discover how to pray powerful prayers to request, receive and experience this supernatural intervention of God! A powerful message from Liz Thong.…
God is most often found outside of our comfort zones where we are most reluctant to go and yet that is the partnership He desires of us. Gurmit Gill inspires us to reach out for more of God and what He has for us in the coming season.โดย Gurmit Gill
Joey is the senior pastor of Every Nation Singapore and serves in the International Apostolic Team of Every Nation Ministries. His passion is to influence people about Jesus and make disciples. He has an inspiring and practical message for us today. Concluding thoughts for daily life by Cindy and Derek.…
God desires for us to be whole in Christ, to be restored by and transformed in Him. To do this, Jesus tells us to ‘remain’ in Him (John 15) and the Spiritual Disciplines are the ‘open door’ invitations to this joyful journey. A powerful message from Megan Solomon.โดย Megan Solomon
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