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Another SINGLE MALE Dating Coach?! Let's See How They THINK About Dating Seems single males never lack audacity, and we've got plenty to examine here. Why are guys who aren't in a committed relationship becoming experts on how to land one?โดย Chantal Heide
TikTokStar Herspective! I Chat With Evelyn Nam About Feminism Evelyn is a rising star in the world of female empowerment and intersectional feminism education. Come listen in as we chat about how to empower both men and women in this quickly evolving landscape, and hear our goals for changing the world. @Herspective YouTube "I'm a feminist because …
TikTokStars Brent & Maddie! @brauntah It took me no longer than 2.5 minutes to COMPLETELY fall in love with this couple! Come listen to their beautiful love story, and find out what makes their marriage so strong! Give them a follow on TikTok too, they're ADORABLE!โดย Chantal Heide
TikTokStar Jonathan AKA @TuqueDaddy - Situationships I first saw this TikToker initiate a 30 day "hug your wife" challenge, and I LOVED the idea. Hear me interview him here, and talk about the whole Will & Jada situationship. Am I spilling some new beans? You bet I am.โดย Chantal Heide
1 Hour Chakra Repair by Rich Pendlebury With Binaural Beats Rich Pendlebury creates the most amazing meditation music I've ever come across. Enjoy this calm, balancing track to refresh your soul from top to bottomโดย Chantal Heide
30 Minute Chakra Repair by Binaural Beats by Rich Pendlebury Rich Pendlebury creates the most amazing meditation music I've ever come across. Enjoy this calm, balancing track to refresh your soul from top to bottomโดย Chantal Heide
20 Minute Chakra Repair by Binaural Beats by Rich Pendlebury Rich Pendlebury creates the most amazing meditation music I've ever come across. Enjoy this calm, balancing track to refresh your soul from top to bottomโดย Chantal Heide
Interview with Brandon B! Brandon B from TikTok caught my attention when he came up on my For You page talking about how waiting for a first kiss helped women weed out guys who weren't going to stick around for the long haul. This sensitive man is making it his mission to teach relationship tips from a pickup truck driving, country boys perspective…
Another chat with Phil Eagle! I LOVE this mans relationship and values, and I know you will too. Not everyone is mushy and communicative like he is, but every MAN tries this hard to be a great, supportive partner.โดย Chantal Heide
Fix That Shit Foreword Interested in listening to Fix That Shit instead of reading the book? Be sure to sign up to my mailing list and stay up to date. Click here to join!โดย Chantal Heide
Interview with Dr. G from TikTok! I LOVE a nerdy conversation, and I hand-selected this TikTok Psychologist to have a chat with me! Dr. G first came to my attention when he began mentioning me on his TikTok channel, and I love his approach to psychology. Also, his dog. Listen in on this fun, rambling conversation about passion, psychology, and huma…
Interview with Phil Eagle from TikTok! Wow, what a GREAT talk with the famous Phil Eagle! This iconic comic/family man puts out relationship gold on TikTok, and today we had a wide-ranging chat, from men's mental health to his thoughts on my No Kissing For 3 Months dating rule. Find his TikTok channel at @phileagle_ and see why everyone loves him s…
INTERVIEW on It's Complicated with Scott Madore @ SAUGA AM960 This was truly one of the most amazing interviews I've ever had! Scott brought me down a multitude of paths in this 3 segment show, and I think you're going to love it as much as I did. Plus, it's always fun blowing a mans mind 😉 Do check him out here, and become a fan. His radio show on…
I had SUCH a great conversation with lovely Shilpa Koshy. This beauty consultant started her podcast to normalize conversations about important topics that can help people. After her divorce, she was frustrated with the dating process, and at times and confused about how to navigate it all so she absolutely loved the work I'm doing. "The informatio…
I had such a super fun being a guest on her Podcast, you really should check her out here! We talk about dating, men masturbating to porn, and of course, my No Kissing For 3 Months dating rule! Sounds like I have a new convert! LOL!โดย Chantal Heide
I head to Toronto to chat with the amazing Ladies at Just Two Girls, a super sweet clothing boutique that caters to sexy kittens. We talk about Fake Love Need Apply, and how single women can avoid falling for posers, losers, scammers, and predators.โดย Chantal Heide
Ugh. I see it daily... women who feel flattered about the attention they're getting and feel it's a great beginning. It's not, and here's why... plus more advice for a viewer!โดย Chantal Heide
Dating is feeling pretty miserable for some people, and I want to help turn that around. You'll find 4 tips that not only help you feel better but even get you manifesting what you want! Never forget, the Universe will work with you if you let it!โดย Chantal Heide
We talked about how to NOT get played, what to do if you're in a relationship but attracted to someone else, and how much sex is normal! And sooooo much more!โดย Chantal Heide
I answered so many questions on this LIVE chat! Does age matter? Why do you keep getting ghosted on online dating apps? What do I think about poly relationships? And how can a viewer approach that cute girl in the cafeteria?โดย Chantal Heide
This show was a wild free for all. Okay, so this show was SUPER fun. This show was off the rails so many times and it was AWESOME. I think you should come on sometime. I talk to a man about those things men wished women knew (that would actually make her life better,) then get my husband on the speakerphone WHILE HE'S IN A HYBERPARIC TANK. I have t…
I go LIVE on FB and dish on my life in a Fireside chat, catching you up on the latest and apologizing for something you're NOT getting from me lately. Then dish on my thoughts about long-distance relationships!โดย Chantal Heide
Men and Guys are HUGELY different, and so is what they're looking for when it comes to women. Find out how what men want HELPS you, while what guys want only keeps you down.โดย Chantal Heide
I have a fantastic conversation with Juliana Leaman about the importance of body image, self-love, and how the relationship you have with the woman in the mirror impacts the love you'll share with the person in your life.โดย Chantal Heide
I hop onto Instagram LIVE with Rebecca Thomas every Monday at noon to talk about love and relationships and take your questions! This week we talk to a busy paramedic about how to get into dating when you're working 3 jobs and going to school. Plus, we touch on a ton of other subjects!โดย Chantal Heide
I often hear from women who are DONE with men who ditch relationships as soon as they get hard. Sometimes that's just because they keep dating guys, AKA selfish, short term thinkers. But sometimes it might be a man simply having a visceral reaction to hearing the "We need to start doing the work so we can grow together" talk. In this Podcast I dish…
If you're wondering why love isn't working out for you maybe it's time to take a closer look at your own upbringing. What was your association to love as a child? How is it manifesting itself again? Are you allowing old patterns to continue on into adulthood? I delve into my own history and how it wreaked havoc in my relationships, including almost…
Sometimes relationships feel so hard you just want to run away. But WHY does it feel hard? What if the Universe is laying your biggest opportunity for growth right at your feet?โดย Chantal Heide
So many of us have a cycle of fighting in our relationships. But why does it happen? How can you stop it? And how can you teach your partner how to stop fighting too? I address this topic in-depth and give you insights on the origins of our anger and how we can address it so you can put a stop to the pattern, finally creating the peaceful, loving, …
Most of us are guilty of overlooking bad behaviour and explaining it away, and our biggest failure lies in the question we ask ourselves. Find out what you should really be asking when you're wondering if you shut it down too soon, and what to do when you realize you need to level up.โดย Chantal Heide
I sit down with 3 Toronto ladies (plus 3 more off-camera!) and get GRILLED about my No Kissing For 3 months rule! What happens? Listen and find out!โดย Chantal Heide
Break ups are hard, so I want to teach you some tips on how you can end the cycle of hurt. Watch to learn some of the ways we turn pain into behaviour that just perpetuate even more pain, and get some tips on how you can put a stop to the negative cycle and finally lean into something great.โดย Chantal Heide
That green eyes monster can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but it's actually a natural part of our relationship cycle. What do you do to keep from turning it into a vomit, and what should you do if someone is using it as an excuse to be controlling?โดย Chantal Heide
If you've got one chance to make the RIGHT impression with someone absolutely amazing, don't you want to know how? Sourced from my LIVE weekly Chantal Heide Show, this webinar teaches you how to trigger all the right places in that generous, long term thinker you want in your life.โดย Chantal Heide
The Narcissist, The Insecure, The Damaged, The "I Didn't Realize You Thought This Was A Relationship!" cheaters. What do you do when you realize you're with one of them? Each one requires a different response from you, so pay attention and hopefully, I can help you navigate these difficult waters.โดย Chantal Heide
Cheating is NOT a black and white subject. So I wanted to explain that there are different types of people who cheat - sometimes good people do bad things, and sometimes we need to leave bad people behind. Learn the difference so you know how to proceed if you've been cheated onโดย Chantal Heide
I had the opportunity the other day to sit in on a mother-daughter conversation, and this young 16-year-old lady had a great question - "Mom, what do I do if a guy disrespects me?" I thought this question was too good to NOT create a podcast about! Hopefully, you can use the advice here to help your own teens - and maybe yourself or a friend - know…
Did you hear? It took Gwyneth Paltrow a year to live with her new husband! Why? And why would that be a good idea?! I tell you my own story about this very phenomenon and why I feel it can be a good idea for couples.โดย Chantal Heide
This is audio from my full 1.5 hour webinar about fear. What it is, where it comes from, why you feel it, and how you can use your body and simple hacks to change your course and overcome it. I give you solid advice on what you can do to talk to anyone, anywhere, and flirtatious techniques that will get his interest.…
Stop making the mistake of letting negativity into your life. The Universe is waiting for you to make space for the Goodness you want, and it's up to you to clear the way. Find out how doing that will bring you the Soulmate you're looking for.โดย Chantal Heide
Welcome (again) to my Podcast! I'm excited to launch from my home studio this time and really lean into delivering a weekly podcast for you. Listen to learn who made my intro music, what topics are coming your way, and what you can expect to see coming down the pipeline! Come, grow with me. It's a beautiful journey my Loves. I welcome your feedback…
I put out an APB, asking for men who disagreed about my No Kissing for 3 Months rule. Well, Chris said "I'm in!" and we had a big chat about that, and a few other dating rules to follow. Enjoy! PS> You can catch this chat on my YouTube channel too! Click Here to watch on YouTubeโดย Chantal Heide
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