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Buffy Speak

buffy speak is a podcast about buffy the vampire slayer, which beth has seen upwards of ten million times and caroline is watching for the first time. we try to come at the show from an intersectional perspective and have a ton of fun with it. we hope you do too!
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although we've come.... to the eeeend of the rooooad.... still i can't leeeet gooooo...... this is it, y'all! the finale. there is just so much we cover in this episode that i cannot in good faith summarize it with a little pithy description. we're done! thank you so much for listening! you've made this journey a fun one. if you ever want to come b…
AND ALMOST TWO MONTHS LATER, WE'VE RETURNED! due to some pretty serious personal Stuff, we weren't able to get this episode edited and uploaded in a timely manner. but we're here now! we've got mystery scythes. we've got chloroform. we've got... angel????โดย buffy speak
in our first (!!!) in-person recording session since the premiere of our podcast, lo, those many years ago, we try and tally the people of color in this season, talk about spike and buffy's relationship (duh) and update ourselves on tom lenk's current career.โดย buffy speak
this episode? is FUCKED. the gaps in spike's past are finally all filled in, but the most important thing is that buffy DEFINITELY didn't know that spike killed robin's mother and that beth is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT right. tell your friends.โดย buffy speak
TRIGGER WARNING: this episode of buffy speak discusses discusses rape and, briefly, suicide. feel free to skip this one if you are uncomfortable with those topics! y'all like episodes that are at once lore-heavy and also answer NO questions whatsoever?? then this is the episode for you!! we've also got questionable narrative decisions, half-baked r…
"never leave me" indeed! sorry we've been away for (undisclosed amount of time) but we're BACK and we are OUT OF ORDER. caroline's hard drive is kind of shot, and we may not get our original 708 back, but here's 709 while you wait! we've got andrew. we've got spike. we've got andrew and spike. what more could any of us want!!…
friends stabbing friends, friends accidentally getting their friends disintegrated, friends pouring all of their identities into their romantic partners, and STILL this episode doesn't carry as much of the emotional weight as it wants to. oh well.โดย buffy speak
it's all come down to this, folks. we've been doing this podcast for almost three years, and we've finally come to the ultimate question. the final query. the question that, were it to be answered correctly, would cause society's ruination and humanity's demise: who topped, spike or angel?โดย buffy speak
meghan griffin (@megggriffin) joins us for one last go around the depressing season 6 track. xander sucks! dawn and buffy are the best! GILES IS BACK!!! what a rollercoaster we've been on, friends. we can't wait to never watch season 6 ever again. onwards and upwards!โดย buffy speak
karis ford (@KarisFord1) joins us to talk about.... stuff.www.autostraddle.com/all-65-dead-lesbian-and-bisexual-characters-on-tv-and-how-they-died-312315/amp/https://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/podcasts/bury-your-gays.htmโดย buffy speak
linnea thunselle (@linnea1928) joins us for... an episode. yep, this sure is an episode of buffy the vampire slayer, helmed by joss whedon, starring sarah michelle geller and others. yep. this episode sure does exist. mhm.โดย buffy speak
this week we're joined by mae copeland (twitter: @zaddymae, instagram: @buffythestyleslayer) to contemplate just what in the world the writers were hoping to accomplish by breaking xander and anya up. WHAT'S THE POINT? WHAT IS TO BE GAINED??????โดย buffy speak
julie marostica (@jojomarostica on instagram) joins us to talk about the last ever buffy birthday episode, and what an episode it is! we've got all your favorite characters: richard, sophie, clem (okay but clem is actually the best). we also cover the buffy reboot, which......... yikes.โดย buffy speak
madeline devillers (@radddeline on instagram) joins us to talk about a TRULY BLEAK episode of buffy. while we try to distract ourselves from the darkness that threatens to encroach at any given moment, we talk about the pros and cons of buffy/spike and.... not much else, honestly.โดย buffy speak
this show has vampires and demons figuring on a regular basis, but the least realistic part is the part in this episode where every student in a college classroom want to volunteer information when prompted. absolutely untenable.โดย buffy speak
meghan griffin (@MeggGriffin) is back to talk about A LOT OF STUFF, okay? we're talking A LOT. way too many things to fit in a pithy little description. it's the gift, okay? you know what you're getting into here.โดย buffy speak
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