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Short form audio discussing life as a trader. My focus will be on how to think, how to learn from mistakes, and how trading relates to so much more than the markets. I will also do some self reflection on my own journey. I’ll bring up market setups, lessons from trading, and trends I’m seeing. I will speak on cryptos, stocks, futures, and certain evolving situations. My goal is to have the content be timeless so listeners can get value regardless of when they tune in.
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I talk about diving into things that make you neglectful as a way to stay curious. When you don’t understand something or you want to dismiss something it’s often one of the biggest opportunities. Start focusing on using this to your advantage. --- Send in a voice message:…
I discuss the difference between being in a state of curiosity and being in a state where you’re forcing yourself to work and how that might not feel very good. --- Send in a voice message:
I discuss the role sizing plays in your success. I talk about different sizing strategies I use and how it can help you build beyond what you thought was possible.--- Send in a voice message:
A few details on my website going down and where you can listen online. Then we get into judging yourself based on what you were trying to accomplish versus what you used to be doing and the important distinction between them.--- Send in a voice message:
I give an example of how to build your trading network through somebody I’m currently working with. I also discuss why it’s so important and a few tips you can use to do it for yourself. --- Send in a voice message:
I discuss the balance between being an old trader while also listening to new traders. We also get into making sure you keep fresh ideas when things change versus protecting a character that doesn’t need protecting. --- Send in a voice message:
I discuss a little bit about what I’m trading now and then we get into the stories we tell ourselves and how they can build a character that we try to protect, which may not be helping us grow. I have learned this in my transition to try to trade a little bit of a longer time frame and how I was leaving behind a lot of what I was best at. I’m now l…
I get into detail about how to manage your trading size when what you were doing no longer works and you have to adapt to a different market. --- Send in a voice message:
I answer three of a listeners questions. Do discretionary traders have an edge? Should I stick with what I understand or pick something that fits my hours? If I’m struggling is it a poor choice of markets or is it me?--- Send in a voice message:
I cover a lot of different topics on this episode. I discuss the anguish of selling too soon. I talk about dealing with conflict in voices in your head. I also talk about the current extreme political and social landscape and how it relates to the market. And we talk about exercise. --- Send in a voice message:…
I talk about the energetic price to pay for chasing what is currently working but may not be aligned with where you want to go. Should you do it? The answer is maybe it depends. --- Send in a voice message:
You may spend 90% of the time in a parade going 5 mph and only 5% of the time parked and the last 5% of the time kicking ass on the highway. Learning this balance is very important to your trading success. --- Send in a voice message:
I share a story about deliberate practice versus generalized practice. I talk about Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and young musicians from China and how you may be able to reach your potential faster. --- Send in a voice message:
I talk about growing and drawdowns in terms of what you can learn by tuning into what you’re feeling at the moment, which can save you from something to come. --- Send in a voice message:
I talk about how you can move your position size up and all of it has to do with assessing the risk and trust in yourself to enter where you are least vulnerable. --- Send in a voice message:
Last time I talked about probing deeper into the “why” behind your trading mistakes. This time I go into the value of focusing on the details around your best trades. --- Send in a voice message:
I discuss how I moved the goalposts during a trade. I changed what I was going to do by talking to somebody else and when it didn’t work I had no solution. I then allowed it to bleed into the rest of my week. --- Send in a voice message:
I talk about the struggles another trader is having and then we go into how he is reviewing his trades and how I am reviewing my trades and what we can learn about doing it better. --- Send in a voice message:
This is a very important episode for me and it’s about coming off a nice run of trading and facing that first loss. This is something that will challenge you your entire career.--- Send in a voice message:
I talk about maintaining the right perspective as you navigate through different environments and see different things happening around you. It’s very important to understand these cycles so you do not get caught up in them. --- Send in a voice message:
I talk about the action today after the federal reserve announcement and how news, in a counter intuitive way, can play into market bottoms. --- Send in a voice message:
I discuss what I’m doing to stay alive in this market. I also talk about how it’s making me reflect on my longer-term asset allocation plan. --- Send in a voice message:
Trading can be a solitary pursuit but when you work to build up your network of like-minded individuals you will move closer to realizing your potential. --- Send in a voice message:
I talk about one of my recent tennis matches and compare it to Trading. The importance of making your strengths even stronger and keeping the ball in play. --- Send in a voice message:
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