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The guys dedicate this episode to the big-name NFL Draft prospects that have decided to opt out. They talk Caleb Farley, Penei Sewell, Micah Parsons, Rashod Bateman, Ja'Marr Chase, and more.โดย
Duval County got themselves some players in this one. The Jags haven't had a good offseason. They needed a win, and they got one in those three days. They drafted some really nice players to start the complete rebuild they need. Next year hopefully they're able to grab their franchise QB and really turn the franchise back around to what they were l…
The New England Patriots are unlike any other franchise in the NFL, and in sports in general. Year after year it seems they overdraft random players and continue their dynasty no matter the bad draft grades. Can they continue that now with the AFC East ono the up and up, and without Tom Brady?โดย
What they're doing in Buffalo is admirable. There's been a culture change, and that shows in the type of player they drafted at the top of this draft. They're physical players that will fit right in to the blue collar nature of #BillsMafiaโดย
Matt and Dalton go through the Jets draft pick by pick. And man, was it a doozie. They got nice value on their day one and two picks and took some good players on day three to boot. Good job by the Jets and General Manager Joe Douglas. Hopefully he can save them from coaching hell.โดย
Matt and Dalton walk through all the picks Miami made in the 2020 NFL draft. There were players still available both felt could or should have been the picks in certain spots, but they came in with a plan to bolster the offensive line around their young franchise signal caller, and they did just that.…
Are.... are we giving the Chiefs a pass on a poor draft because they're the defending Super Bowl Champs? You're dang right we are, and that's okay. F it, have some fun. Draft a running back at 32 when you NEED a corner. Draft a linebacker when you NEED a corner. Draft ANOTHER offensive tackle when you have 75 on the roster already. They'll still ha…
The Denver Broncos had one thing on their minds going into the draft this year, and it wasn't that green they grow in Colorado. They wanted SPEED. As much of it as they could get. And they succeeded. Listen as Dalton and Matt go through the class as a whole.โดย
The Las Vegas Raiders drafted a bunch of absolute dogs. If I'm picking any draft class that I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, it's the Raiders. Jon Gruden obviously wants the Las Vegas Raiders to have that same attitude as the Oakland Raiders had.โดย
Dalton and Matt go through and discuss each pick in the LAC draft class. They don't give letter grades, because that's a stupid exercise, and they're not nerds, but they do go through and explain every pick.โดย
Welp, Matt and Dalton went big for Episode 100 and did their final predictive mock draft before the draft starts one week from today. Don't worry, it sucks and they hate your team.โดย
Felix and Cory take on a round of “would you rather” as they discuss who has the better value between two prospects taken in different rounds of the draft. They end the episode by discussing prospects worth a late round flyer on desire their current standing.โดย
Buckle up, buttercup(s). You have another long one coming with AJ and Nick. This time, they go through and preview the entire NFC. I'd say play it at 1.5x speed, but we're in quarantine, so what else are you doing?โดย
Who are you pounding the table for in the 2020 draft class? Matt and Dalton go through and choose three players each that aren't normally considered as high as they'd take them. - 2 EDGE rushers- 1 Offensive Tackle- 1 Wide Receiver- 1 Cornerback- 1 Athleteโดย
Cory and Felix go through four NFL Draft prospects they believe will be better in the pros than they were in college. Then, they bring on former Cincinnati linebackers Perry Young for an interview.โดย
Nick and AJ Highlight the most overrated and underrated players on the offensive side of the football in the 2020 NFL Draft including Tua Tagovailoa and Cole Kmet.โดย
Dalton and Matt borrow (steal) an idea from the always fantastic Benjamin Solak for this episode. They go through and ask "Who would you rather," depending on the round in question? Let us know on Twitter @daltonbmiller and @mvscouting who you'd take in each situation.โดย
Matt and Dalton work TOGETHER on this one to bring you a mock draft based on what they would do if they were GMing each team together.That means they talk through each pick, argue about value and player, talk about trade scenarios and then come to an agreement on each pick. This time, it's picks 17-32. Link to 1-16:…
Matt and Dalton work TOGETHER on this one to bring you a mock draft based ono what they would do if they were GMing each team together. That means they talk through each pick, argue about value and player, talk about trade scenarios and then come to an agreement on each pick. This was a lot of fun. Remember to rate, review and subscribe.…
The guys went through and talked in depth on eight of the offensive tackles gracing the top of the class in bracket form. With no March Madness, it feels right to do some bracket work. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We didn't pick a winner. Don't necessarily vote for who YOU believe should win, but vote for who's argument for a winner was better. We love…
There have been a lot of big moves in free agency, and even though the guys were going to talk about offensive tackles, they instead pivoted to talk about how the big-time free agent signings have affected the top of the NFL draft.โดย
Matt and Dalton are self-quarantining, being upstanding citizens and shit, so they actually recorded a podcast on time for their Monday morning release. With the legal tampering period approaching they talked about some of the tagged players, possible tag and trades and then they get into their 1st-round grades on offense.…
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