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This week we're back with the hosts of the podcast Thorocast- Andy Newton and Cory Devers. We covered the newly released Joker film and mental health as well as a ton of other random subjects including R Kelly and Ryan's new short film. Check it out!โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
This week we had our good friend (and Ryan's sister) Sydney Stogner on to talk about our favorite childhood movies and a little bit about the gross things she's had to deal with from working in the medical field.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
This week we had Brad Bray, who is a retired lutheran minister and navy/ air force veteran, on to dive into the discussion about what role religion plays in horror films and how it affects cinema and daily life.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
We're Back! This is the first episode of season 2. This episode we had our good friend Andy Newton on to talk about his popular podcast called Thorocast. We also discussed unconventional ways to acquire a dog, our preferences in movies, shows, what we've been doing, and much more.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
On this weeks episode we have Marxist Mark "The Lark" Stuckey on to discuss everything from The United States' imperial domination of the Americas, global conspiracy theories, and the 2007 drama, No Country for Old Men.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
On this weeks episode we have our good friend Kyle Lennan on to talk about Matt's problem with Facebook lurking, high school holliganism, and the 2016 crime drama Hell or High Water.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
On this week's episode we discuss the Chiefs and the upcoming game against the New England Patriots, Hershey Walker "The Hot Dog Shooter", and the 2018 Sci-fi horror film, Annihilation.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
On this weeks episode we discuss the big up and coming films for 2019. What excited us and what we think will be an utter dumpster fire. Ryan elaborates on his boredom of horror films and Matt defends them to the death.โดย Blockbusters and Bootlegs
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