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The Bitter Medicine podcast is a Black Empowerment show that speaks frankly about matters that affect Black people across the globe. Our show focuses on Black news & entertainment, arts, science, economics, history, people and strategies that uplift, empower, and motivate Africans within the diaspora. This medicine is for you white folks on the fence too! Listen to find out more. Follow Us on: Facebook @BitterMedicineShow Twitter: @bittermedz Tumblr: @bittermedz Instagram: /bittermedicine
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Be warned: If you are a Black person, unrealistic about the plight of Black people in AmeriKKKa, you might not like this rant concerning the final moments of Rayshard Brooks, a 27 year old Black man undeservedly shot in the back and killed by white Atlanta KKKops. #RayshardBrooks #rant #youtuberโดย Bitter Medicine
Here's my Black Power review for DA 5 BLOODS! #Netflix #SpikeLee #Da5BloodsDONATE 2 THE SHOW: Follow Us on:Twitter: Fo…
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