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We do our first Facebook Live with the guys at Jiffy Mart, and their perspective on growing up in another country and immigrating to the U.S.A. Don't miss it!โดย The Big Ben Show
Dustin and Hayden are phenomenal MC baseball players and great guys to hang out with! Dustin has just recently accepted a scholarship to play baseball at Bryan College, and tells us his experience on the new MCHS Wrestling team.โดย The Big Ben Show
Join in every Saturday on the Moore County Sports Network's Facebook page, as we will be going live every Saturday at 9am! Listen to the Coach's Corner on The Big Ben Show Podcast as we interview Coaches from MCHS. Today, we had MCHS football coach, Kris White. Co-host were the amazing dynamic duo Jonah Deal and Noah Whitaker!…
Christopher Smith is Commissioner for Franklin County Commission in the 8th District! He has an MBA from Trevecca University, and works as Office Program Specialist (The School of Theology) at The University of the South.โดย The Big Ben Show
Head Basketball Coach of Marshall County High School, personal finance educator, and my former Basketball Coach at Moore County comes on to talk about his successes and why "man to man" defense is better than zone!โดย The Big Ben Show
President and CEO of Teach STEM, Astronomy and Education Ambassador to Chile 2019-2022, Founder and Director of the Motlow College STEM Outreach Program, NASA Solar System Ambassador, and has been such an inspiration for my life!โดย The Big Ben Show
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