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"We took the decision to build a new city ten years ago - we had four objectives civilised, hygienic and scenic - with a focus on eco-tourism." Carrie Gracie returns to White Horse Village to see how the urbanisation of China is progressing.
"A good photograph has an emotional component, the iconic photos hit you right away and they stay with you, and you just can't forget it." Razia Iqbal investigates the power of modern images and their ability to appeal to our imagination.
In the UK, failed asylum seekers like Collen have no rights to accommodation or benefits. They cannot work. And yet it could be dangerous for him to return to Zimbabwe. What is it like for him and others like him to be living in limbo?
Unemployment in Soweto is well above the national average for South Africa. How are young people like Anza, Freddy and Sibusiso coping with long-term unemployment and the daily temptations to make a fast - rather than an honest - buck?
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