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Dennis Scott may seem like a pretty boring guy now but in the summer of 1997, he was high on cocaine and hosting a summer camp for a couple hundred kids in the Orlando area. On the last day of camp he had a meltdown after a reporter at the camp asked him if he was on drugs (he was). Then to prove he wasn't on cocaine he starting screaming at the ki…
Carmelo Anthony is not only in top 10 for the NBA's all-time scoring list but he's managed to keep his secret families under wraps for most of his NBA career. How many does he have? Who are they? We aren't even sure.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
It’s no surprise that professional athletes enjoy a gentleman’s club from time to time. The Gold Club is the story of how far one club would go to be the go to destination for athletes. We dive into what did (allegedly) and didn’t (allegedly) happen at The Gold Club.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin had one night stand with then-University of Michigan junior Glen Rice in 1987. The two met in Alaska while Glen was playing in a tournament that Sarah was reporting at.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
in 2015, Thabo Sefolosha was leaving a club in New York with teammate Pero Antić and got into a dispute with an officer. The officers broke Thabo's right fibula and caused ligament damage in his leg. He took them to court and won.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
today we talk about two Minnesota specific stories: Maya Moore of the Minnesota Lynx, who took a year off during the height of her career to help with prison reform, and eventually helped free Jonathan Irons, who'd been put for 50 years at the age 16 for a crime he didn't commit. Malik Beasley of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who was arrested at his …
In 2003, the Baylor University men’s basketball team suffered a tragic loss when Patrick Dennehy was murdered by his teammate and best friend Carlton Dotson. Days before the murder Patrick and Carlton both bought guns, fearing for their lives. How did only one of them end up dead?โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
James Worthy got three rings and at least two escorts while he was in the nba. In 1990, "Big Game James" was arrested at 2pm on two counts of solicitation of prostitution and was jailed. He missed the first quarter of his game against the Rockets that night but came back in the second because he is an absolute legend.…
in 2000, Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce was stabbed eleven times in the "Bazz Club" in Boston. Pierce still played in all 82 games with the Celtics for the 2000-01 season, but his life was changed forever (because he got stabbed a bunch).โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
You are as young as you feel. No one is a bigger believer of that old adage than Jonathan Nicola who posed as a high schooler to live out his hoop dreams. The only problem was Nicola was 29 years old.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Nobody likes their job, even if it’s a good job like being a Chief Executive for an NBA franchise. So why not embezzle $13.4 million from that NBA team. We go in on Jeff David ribbing the Kings blind and briefly make fun of Scottie Pippen again.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Decades ago Scottie turned down a young fan's request for an autograph. That seemingly unimportant event would alter Scotties life more than he could imagine. The young fan he turned down grew up to be hyper petty rapper Future. And Future found a fan in Scottie's wife.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Bison Dele went from being a near NBA bust to a contributor on a historically great team to a top paid player for a franchise. That alone would make Bison walking away from the NBA worth examining. The disappearance and possible murder of Bison Dele is one of the strangest occurrences in NBA history. P.S. this ep has a Madonna sighting.…
The draft lottery just happened and we talk about lotteries from the past and what this one will mean. Here is to hoping the NBA will call a press conference and do this year's lottery over.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
The supposedly random occurrences that shape the outcome of basketball games might not be so random. Some of the biggest names in the league like Zion and Lebron put their faith in the higher power of the Basketball Gods.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
He isn't the first rapper to claim to be a ball player but he got further than most. Romeo made it all the way to a major Division 1 college basketball scholarship. The only downside was that he didn't really make the team.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
During his stint with the Utah Jazz, Carlos Boozer got the opportunity to rent his house to an anonymous tenant. That tenant ended up being none other than PRINCE. Boozer's house got Purple Rained on to the point it was unrecognizable.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
In 1997, Biggie Smalls released the song “I’ve got a Story to Tell” where he claims to have had sex with a Knicks player's girlfriend but when the Knicks player comes home early from a game, he pretends the whole thing is a robbery to cover up the affair. The story has been confirmed by former Knicks players but who was it?…
In game 5 of the NBA final Michael Jordan was under the weather and put up an all time performance. But was he sick, poisoned, hungover, or just trying to psyche out the Utah Jazz.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
From 2000-2003 the Portland Trail Blazers had one of the most talented and conflicted rosters in the NBA. If there was an NBA rule to break, they broke it. Sure there were the basics like marijuana arrests, but they also had a fight between two 7 foot 4 practice squad players that included threats of a law suit.…
Some news in the NBA is too pressing and relevant not to discuss immediately. Like when some guy on Reddit points out the Menendez Brothers are in the background of a Marc Jackson Knicks card. The brothers went to one of the most star-studded arenas in the world in between committing murder and being arrested for that murder.…
For a long time it felt like Steph was doomed to be a basketball sob story, but he reinvented himself in China. The only other player in that country who is in his stratosphere as a hoops legend is Yao Ming. Name one other athlete who bounced back from eating Vasoline on cam to become a sports folk hero in another country. You can't.…
Stephon was a big personality before the pros and it raised his profile, but that same personality in the NBA got him a reputation. He was labeled as selfish, a coach killer, even butted heads with the scariest man in the NBA, KG.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
"What police and witnesses said happened, happened. What he did was inappropriate. I'm going to defend myself. Let there be no debate. If you bother me, I'm going to whip your ass. The guy threw ice in my face, and I slammed his ass into the window. I'm not denying that. I defended myself. He got what he deserved." - Charles Barkley…
The NBA has had a few close calls but none closer than when Gilbert Arenas and Jarvis Crittenton drew guns on each other. What lead to this? What happened to the players after? Who provided the guns?โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
In the summer of 2000, Allen Iverson released his first and only single "40 Bars" under the name “Jewelz.” NBA commissioner David Stern called the lyrics to A.I.'s single "coarse, offensive and anti-social" and demanded that Iverson either change the lyrics or stop the project. We dive into why we only got one track from a surprisingly talented NBA…
Plenty of NBA players have had rap albums but only Oladipo thought it would be a good idea to do a R&B album. We ask the hard hitting question like "why would you do this?" and "should his R&B name be Velour Oladipo?"โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
AC Green earned the nickname "Iron Man" by playing 1,192 straight games during his 16 year NBA career. He only missed 3 games his entire career. But what AC will be remembered as is the NBA's most famous (and only) virgin.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Before Deandre was a member of the Dallas Mavericks he was almost a member of the Dallas Mavericks. If it wasn’t the his Clippers teammates rushing to texas to keep him locked in a house while they played cards the could have easily lost their center.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Some of the best and worst draft day trades. I don’t know why anyone would trade on draft day. One of the teams always ends up getting completely screwed. *we recorded this before the draft*โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
With the draft right in front of us we take a look at some of the biggest draft busts in the last decade. Some of them seemed obvious even as they were happening but, mostly these were players we all thought we be the next big thing. Except Anthony Bennett everyone knew that was bad as it happened.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
So here we are, Dennis Rodman is one of the most influential people in the process of achieving peace in Korea. He is close friends with Kim Jong Un and a two time cast member of The Celebrity Apprentice. He also Cries on TV, everything is going to plan.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Philadelphia 76ers President of basketball operations gets caught with five fake twitter accounts. He used these accounts to release sensitive information about his team and shame a man for not dating his daughter.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Yao Ming is one of the most unique players to dominate the NBA. Is Yao simply a great talent or was he a product of the Chinese governments state run sports program?โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
After a 61 win season the Sacramento Kings looked like it was their time to win a title. Before the Kings could clinch a spot in the finals they came across one of the worst officiating fiascos in professional sports.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
16 years ago this week, Allen Iverson gave a bizarre press conference where he said the phrase "we talkin' about practice" 22 times. We talk about practice and try to figure out what made A.I. lose it.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
Golden state pioneered positionless small ball well before Steph Curry and friends. In the wake of the Malice In The Palace the Warriors rebuilt into a futuristic team that beat a one seed with an MVP.โดย Kyle Scanlan, Cleveland Anderson, Dan Drees
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