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This week I'm joined by Patrick Schultz to review the latest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Spider-Man: Homecoming".Also, we discuss the films of the visionary director Edgar Wright ahead of the release of "Baby Driver"โดย Another Bloody Critic
I'm back for another week, this time joined by Sam Cripps to discuss everything Spider-Man. With Homecoming hitting the cinemas soon, here is your one stop shop on everything Spidey.Also, I reviewed the horrific comedy "The House" starring Will Ferrell.โดย Another Bloody Critic
Saxon Bell returns to the program to give his verdict on the much anticipated 5th (FIFTH!) entry to the Transformers franchise, while I turned my gaze to Cars 3.Also, we look at the films of Will Ferrell.โดย Another Bloody Critic
On this episode of "A Rambling Podcast", Adam Schultz (Another Bloody Critic) is joined by Kieran Meaney to review the latest entry in the Despicable Me franchise. Also, we ask ourselves the question: Could we do a better job at a Transformers movie than Michael Bay?โดย Another Bloody Critic
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