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Alohomora! is the second-longest-running continuously released Harry Potter podcast and the original Harry Potter book club. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content influenced by our love of Harry Potter. Celebrating 10 years in 2022 with the publication of our first book, "The Unofficial Harry Potter Companion: Volume 1 Sorcerer's Stone"
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On Episode 361 we discuss... → Are Molly & Arthur good parents? → Wise fools → There are so many Weasleys! → Post Gen fanfics → Ginny might just break the seventh son of the seventh son lore of the family → Ron and Ginny are the best and worst of the Weasleys → George married a reminder of the twin he lost → John over Tom → Thoughts on Ron → Where …
On Episode 359 we discuss... → How Unforgivable Curses are the last things Harry and Voldemort say to each other → Avery is back in the count → The 90's were a different time → Definitive order for "how bad" a curse isโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 358 we discuss... → You know it's bad when Hermione is scared → The duality of youth → Does Voldemort care just a little or completely soulless? → The chapter's mix of creepy horror and emotional devastation → A choking rag of a personโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 357 we discuss... → Slytherin career day → High praise for Lavender → Anybody seen my Goyle? → Quidditch is love, Quidditch is life → "I'm a Puff and I'm staying"โดย Alohomora!
On Episode 356 we discuss... → Dementor RAs → These books aren't here for romance → Nothing happens in the chapter... Except the most important inciting incident → Molly & Arthur/Lucius & Narcissa: ying and yang on judgments → Amos Diggory: the world's most annoying helicopter parent → The Weasleys might be unknowingly rich in Muggle money…
On Episode 355 we discuss... → Check out episode 285 → Why a school for children has a dungeon → The wizard American library might be in the New York Public Library → How many deaths are worth the answer to a question → Downton Abbey House-elf style → snake poop → Gremlins & Tamag…
On Episode 354 we discuss... → ... Daddy Remus → Where does canon begin and end → Molly's clock is doing more harm than good → Narcissa needs her space → George & Fred just sounds weirdโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 353 we discuss... → Discrepancies in "History of Magic" → How Sprout and Flitwick might be meant to be → Sprout and Snape fanfiction → Neville could have saved the day with Herbology... or not → Mandrake Liberation Front is back!โดย Alohomora!
On Episode 352 we discuss... → Is Harry really the narrator → Movie Ron < Book Ron → To Aureo, Trelawney might be the ultimate villain → Choosing your own "Potter" adventure → Please be nice to animals and do not bury them aliveโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 351 we discuss... → We sing! A lot → Irvin's party planning tips for all → School songs from around the country → "Accio" Christmas → The awesome "O Come All Ye Faithful" cover featured in this episode was performed by Pellek. Check out his Youtube Channel to learn more about him!…
On Episode 350 we discuss... → Alohomora may not actually work → Voldemort and Bellatrix pillow talk → Death Eater Jugson is waiting for his brother Pencilton → Harry might be a little responsible for Sirius' death → Bloody speech voiceโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 349 we discuss... → Oliver Wood, Male Veela (at least to Alison) → The House-Elf name debate → Some magical beings are uncomfortable to talk about - we try → Sam ruins thingsโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 348 we discuss… → Go behind the scenes with Flick Miles from Behind the Wand → Kat loves Full Circle & AbsentMindedRaven → Let’s all play tag in the Chamber of Secrets → Weight in the Alison & Kat “fight:” Are Phoenix death’s, chemical or decision? → Guess our colors!โดย Alohomora!
On Episode 347 we discuss... → Sam knows French! (and Rex too a little), and we're joined by Marjo from SpeakBeasty → Katy foretold Fantastic Beasts → No crimes or beasts → not a crime... not a crime - are we being brainwashed by Rex? → #LetaIsDeadConfirmed → We're over McGonagall supposedly breaking Canon → You heard it hear first: Bunty is a Erum…
On Episode 346 we discuss... → Is Snape really loyal to Dumbledore or just loyal to getting at Lily's murderer? → How Dumbledore accepts that after their first meeting, Harry and Snape will always be a "thing" → Snape never realizes that Harry is also Lily's son → With Snape the bar is so low → "Always" is a missed marketing ploy, but still a gross…
On Episode 345 we discuss... → Potter is still cool with the "youths" → Get ready for Rex & Alison's new podcast → Should Harry have been tossed out as the lead character? → Maybe we're all right → Snape is the ultimate hot topicโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 344 we discuss... → Harry's Voldy soul → The Trio's secondary houses → How this chapter contains the series' signature quote → Draco as a parrot → Is Luna the only flawless character in the books? → Phones, what a '90s wonder!โดย Alohomora!
On Episode 343 we discuss... → The moral of all these what ifs is that everyone is dead → Hermione is the MVP → Rita, Petunia, Bertha: New Trio → Grace attempts to fix the entire series → Hogwarts daycareโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 342 we discuss... → "Goblet of Fire" is the precursor to angsty Harry → Ron and Harry's relationship status: it's complicated → Hermione might be the +1 to the Trio → Aureo has homework: does Snape hate Hermione more because of Lily? → Imperius: the gateway drugโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 341 we discuss... → Dumbledore's delicious quotes on death → How Petunia is, again, the worst → Snape (acceptance issues), Lupin (no self esteem), and Sirius (PTSD): trauma brothers → No one's dead until there's a body → The Headmaster could have been the best therapist → “What is grief, if not love persevering?”…
On Episode 340 we discuss... → Lily and Voldemort have more in common than you'd think → Mr. and Mrs. Evans suck as parents → Snape's emo band → Guest appearance by Petunia and the meet cute that will never be → The Sorting Hat as a composerโดย Alohomora!
On Episode 339 we discuss... → To find @ potterkidsreads Instagram: YouTube: @potterkid →How exactly young wizard schools should work → Fantastic Beasts' wonky timeline → Dumbledore favors Gryffindor while gaslighting Harry at the same time → Theories on all the things!…
On Episode 337 we discuss... → How the deaths of Molly's brothers has shaped her entire life → Molly's "empty nest" career goals → What does feminism look like in the series → Gasp! Kat agrees with Sirius → How Molly and Merope are foils for each otherโดย Alohomora!
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