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After Stetson Bennett’s incredible storybook run to the national championship for the Georgia Bulldogs , Alex Garrett examines whether the QB is NFL ready .โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting updates you on the passing of Bob Saget, where you can help victims of the deadly Bronx fire of Sunday and thoughts on Georgia's National Championship win over Alabamaโดย Alex Garrett
Find out about FieldTrip and it’s owner and Chef JJ Johnson, who was recently highlighted by Crain’s New York! We talk about his TV show on Cleo TV and Buzzfeed as well as why he started FieldTrip!โดย Alex Garrett
Independents are truly left out of the cold every Presidential election. Alex Garrett turns to OpenPrimaries.Org Senior VP Jeremy Gruber to discuss how to open primaries to independent voters. Also, find out how you can talk with ANDREW YANG this week!โดย Alex Garrett
Thanks to Jeff Mordock for joining once again as the White House correspondent for the Washington Times! Alex Garrett talks with Jeff about Biden's speech on the January 6th anniversary.โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting delves into the Presidential Initiative For Democratic Renewal. Why the United States MUST be ensured election integrity to survive as a nation.โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting delves into President Biden's speech tearing into 'The Former President' Donald Trump a year after January 6th. Also, Alex discusses stubbornness of being vaccinated.โดย Alex Garrett
Ralph Bednarczyk adapts to a wide variety of sports as a play-by-play man. You may hear him do St John’s Red Storm athletics , Rutgers Women’s basketball and more! He now works as CUNYAC’s wheelchair basketball announcer and we discuss it all ! Kudos to brothers Chris and David Oliva !โดย Alex Garrett
Can you imagine with Mary and Joseph went through when they had to find a stable and a manger for baby Jesus Christ? Their will and faith in God was not deterred by the lack of room at the Inn. How that should inspire us on Christmas Day and fighting omicron, on Adapting With Alex Garrettโดย Alex Garrett
Can we adapt to the fears and the realities omicron with the help of God? ‘The Gospel of Santa Claus’ author Wayne Van Der Wal re-joins to discuss the ways this Christmas season can continue to cheer us up through Him!โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting tackles the NFL's new COVID testing policies that don't include every player. Hear what Dr. Fauci said about Omicron just two weeks ago. The big question is, did we take omicron seriously enough at the start?โดย Alex Garrett
Following the Frank Sinatra statue unveiling, I talked with photographer Jeff Smith about the Hoboken event featuring Joe Piscopo and Sinatra’s daughter Tina Sinatra. The statue was created by Carolyn B. Palmer!โดย Alex Garrett
Always great to catch up with Professor and Interim Chief Librarian at John Jay College of Criminal Justice! We talked more lockdown possibilities, whether NYC can recover from the pandemic and SUNNYSIDE GARDENS!โดย Alex Garrett
The two burning thoughts tonight surround the indefinite suspension of Chris Cuomo at CNN on the same day Brian Kelly says goodbye to South Bend and the Irish, en route to Baton Rouge and LSU!โดย Alex Garrett
Dr. Fauci's jaw-dropping admission that we must live with COVID once again gets repeated. Alex Garrett Nightly tackles his commentary towards Omicron as well as a visit with the Stanley Cup AND the official NHL Cup Carrier! As heard on Can You Dig Sportsโดย Alex Garrett
Regional spokesman for Triple A, Robert Sinclair gives us the scoop on expected Thanksgiving holiday traffic and an inside look at how Triple-A truly is getting the tri-state region back on the roads, safely! As heard on Can You Dig Sportsโดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett talks with Brett King, founder of Moven, and a former member of the Obama Administrator. He also hosts 'The Breaking Banks' and gives a financial update on Alex Garrett Podcasting and Can You Dig Sports. Find him at!โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett talks with Brett King, founder of Moven, and a former member of the Obama Administrator. He also hosts 'The Breaking Banks' and gives a financial update on Alex Garrett Podcasting and Can You Dig Sports. Find him at!โดย Alex Garrett
Ok , so Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers didn't kill anyone, but he should have faced SOME punishment beyond the COVID-protocol after it was found out he lied about the vaccine. Kyle Rittenhouse, who DID kill (self-defense granted) still broke Wisconsin state laws and also was let go entirely. Why I compared the two Wisconsin bad boys on Alex Gar…
As the excitement grows behind the release of 'King Richard' , Alex Garrett Nightly takes an inside look at the Williams Sisters with author Cecil Harris. Follow him at CecilHAuthor on Twitter! As Heard On Can You Dig Sportsโดย Alex Garrett
A kickstart to the week for AG Nightly, with Alex Garrett's cousin Rob Rosenberg who discusses winning his fall softball tournament. Also, hatred in our subways? Alex Garrett explains the anti-Semitism witnessed on a NYC Subway Monday night.โดย Alex Garrett
Sports and the military partner up nearly every game to honor our troops. Alex Garrett Nightly dives into how connected the military is to sports on this Veterans Day podcast.โดย Alex Garrett
Who is this mysterious Met GM I've found? Another leak of Mets General Manager hit my Nightly desk, and I just had to tell you! Also, let's not be totally checked out heading into 2022, America needs us to wake up!โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Takes Larry Brooks of the NY Post to task on Can You Dig Sports. The New York Rangers ARE NOT the Same Old Rangers, even as goaltender Igor Shesterkin got beat up by the Florida Panthers.โดย Alex Garrett
There is a fight against the vaccine mandates, and it's being led by Alliance Defending Freedom. Legal counsel Ryan Tucker joined Alex Garrett Podcasting to discuss the lawsuits against the Biden administration's vaccine mandate requirements on companies that staff 100+ employees.โดย Alex Garrett
For this episode of Alex Garrett Nightly, an inside look at the New York City Marathon 's 50th installment. Alex talks with Marathon runner Henry Wang about how the New York Road Runner's Club revived the marathon after the height of COVID and 2020.โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Nightly covers the NYC Marathon and what it means for the runners to cross the finish line at their own time. How does Buffalo lose to Jacksonville? Also, Alex reacts to the uproar over the 'vaccination' of Big Bird.โดย Alex Garrett
Aaron Rodgers is actually UNVACCINATED, What it means for the Packers and the NFL. Alex Garrett Nightly also examines how a healthy NYC nightlife could bring about a better sports culture in NYC!โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting talks with author and motivational speaker Richard V. Battle about the hope that Election Day 2021 brings to America after Virginia goes Red and Minneapolis votes to keep the police department.โดย Alex Garrett
From what the election of Mayor-elect Eric Adams means for NYC and Kyrie Irving to a model posing in front of her father's casket, Alex Garrett Nightly covers what should be trending but isn't! As heard on Can You Dig Sportsโดย Alex Garrett
On election night, Zach Miller of New York Truck Stop joins Alex Garrett Podcasting to talk about life after Mayor de Blasio. We talk Eric Adams vs. Curtis Sliwa and debate the vaccine mandate!โดย Alex Garrett
9,000 New York City workers are on unpaid leave due to the vaccinee mandate, Alex Garrett Podcasting reacts to Mayor Bill de Blasio's final days as Mayor of New York City.โดย Alex Garrett
Alex Garrett Podcasting delves whether Alec Baldwin being able to shop a week after accidentally shooting two and killing one on the set of ‘Rust’ is privilege or not. Should this be heavily investigated with a target on Alec?โดย Alex Garrett
As the eviction moratorium continues in New York State, real estate legal expert Steven Ebert analyzes whether or not landlords should really be collecting rent now as vaccinations are up. Is COVID a good reason still to not collect rent?โดย Alex Garrett
For a sports town like New York City, Mayor de Blasio has added another first to his belt. The first Mayor in 100 years to not award a championship parade down Broadway for any of the professional teams in New York City. Alex Garrett Reactsโดย Alex Garrett
A 2024 law in California sets off Alex Garrett Podcasting. The banning of a gas-powered lawnmower , the tenants that have not paid NYC landlords and vacated and the 15% global minimum tax are analyzed by Alex!โดย Alex Garrett
On the Sportshour With Alex Garrett, Alex discusses WHY Zach Wilson is a legit QB for the Jets after their first win of the season! Also, a preview of Yankees-Red Sox and everything Wild Card game. Willing to get rid of sports gear you have no attachment to? What is the best place to sell merch? All as heard on Can You Dig Sports Radio!…
Stat News's Matt Herper reports on Merck's trial study of molnupiravir that could help end COVID-19. Alex Garrett Podcast asks why the US Government has already invested in this pill during early trials that still show uncertainty? Will there be a pill mandate?โดย Alex Garrett
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