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After a long hiatus, with a pandemic, some holidays, and probably a few earthquakes ,the seasons have changed here in Alaska. And the Season's have changed for Alaska Happy Hour too! Welcome to Season Three!โดย Alaska Happy Hour
Whew! It is one CRAZY summer up here in AK! Record Temperatures, burn bans and wildfire smoke in Kachemak Bay! You know how when you are drinking with your best friends and the conversation inevitably turns to poop stories? This is that. With so. Many. Laughs. And also a Dolly Parton story for when the picture needs more than a thousand words of ex…
Andrea is getting ready for Canada Day and it definitely isn't the same as the 4th of July! We get sidetracked for a bit by the Urban Dictionary and then laugh til the end with stories of cows and bears and why Karen shouldn't be trusted with the bear spray.โดย Alaska Happy Hour
Alaska Happy Hour is back for a second season! Join us as we drink Homemade cocktails and tell stories about our Alaska Adventures! This episode covers early Spring in Homer and our plans for an adventure-ish Summer!โดย Alaska Happy Hour
In this episode we wonder about the spirit world (not the drinking kind!)...are dead people crabby? Do all dogs go to heaven? What happens if you miss your after-life exit? We may also touch on Mother's Day presents, vampires, and knock-off brand cereals.โดย Alaska Happy Hour
Summer in AK! We won't see the stars for weeks! So we examine the veracity of the Duck Fart, and Vic's dog contemplates his lack of testicles. Grundens makes leggings and Karen cries through her half marathon.โดย Alaska Happy Hour
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