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AdExchanger Talks

AdExchanger Talks is an advertising and marketing technology podcast from AdExchanger, the leading voice in ad tech. Listen in as AdExchanger’s award-winning editorial team, led by senior editor Allison Schiff, interviews industry leaders and explores the issues and trends that matter to brand marketers, ad agencies, publishers, media companies and technology providers.
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Yes, the headwinds are blowing for digital advertising. There’s signal loss, regulatory scrutiny, platform privacy changes and a looming recession, to name a few. But McKinsey Partner Emily Del Greco sees opportunity on the horizon for commerce media and new forms of measurement.
Roy Armale, VMLY&R’s global chief innovation officer, believes in tackling technology with human behavior in mind – and being careful not to let the convenience of technology alter our perception of what it means to be human.
General Mills is going deep on its first-party data strategy. Heather Conneran, director of brand experience platforms, shares the CGP marketer’s lessons learned from its time in the digital transformation trenches.
Gayle Troberman, iHeartMedia’s CMO, talks up iHeart’s programmatic advertising ambitions and the power of audio to engage – in some cases even more deeply than video. Also in this episode: Lessons learned from 16 years as Microsoft’s chief creative officer.
Ad tech entrepreneur Chris Cunningham’s early-stage investment firm, C2 Ventures, has a new fund: just over $20 million for pre-Series A companies, plus $2.55 million for pre-seed startups. But there’s one thing he won’t be investing in, and that’s ad tech. Listen in to learn why.
Keyword blocklists are blunt instruments, and yet they persist in programmatic media buying. It’s time to kick blocklists to the curb and start curating keywords by campaign, says contextual pioneer John Snyder, who sold his company, Grapeshot, to Oracle in 2018.
When it comes to their DEI commitments, are brands more talk or more action? We bring together the buy side and sell side – Publicis President Jason DaWayne Smith and Black Enterprise President and CEO Butch Graves Jr. – for a frank discussion about whether the industry has measured up.
Shopify seller turned ad tech CEO and entrepreneur Regina Ye founded her startup, Topsort, last year to help retailers launch auction-based ads on their sites through an API. Performance advertising shouldn’t be so hard for smaller brands, Ye says, on this week’s episode.
For years, data privacy regulators didn’t have the tools – or the teeth – they needed to effectively enforce proper standards on the internet. Then came GDPR. Now they have the tools and the teeth, but seem largely unable or unwilling to disrupt the status quo. At least that’s the story to hear Johnny Ryan tell it on this week’s episode of AdExchan…
Retail media networks are coming out of the woodwork. And it may feel like everyone’s got one. But it’s time to stop using RMN as an umbrella term. The details matter, says Patrick Miller, co-president of commerce at Edge by Ascential, on this week’s episode.
Probabilistic attribution is a “stopgap,” says newly appointed Adjust CEO Simon “Bobby” Dussart. Using it for now is fine, but SKAdNetwork is the future of measurement on iOS – take it or leave it. Also in this episode: Remaining independent under parent company AppLovin.
Apple’s ATT rollout triggered an industry-wide freakout among mobile ad tech companies. But surprisingly, over the past year Apple has gotten “more accessible,” says Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource. Also in this episode: Being a newly public ad tech company in a tricky market.
The bad news: The internet as a whole has a larger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry (!!), and programmatic advertising is a contributor. The good news: “The extent to which people are aware of that and open to a conversion is changing at a phenomenally fast rate,” says Amy Williams, CEO and founder of sustainable advertising startu…
You’d be forgiven for thinking of the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) as a professional thorn in Nielsen’s side. The TV ad industry trade org is largely responsible for the chain of events that led to Nielsen losing its MRC accreditations last year. But “this isn’t personal,” says VAB CEO Sean Cunningham on this week’s episode. “I don't know that an…
Does IAB Tech Lab CEO Tony Katsur have the toughest gig in ad tech? That’s an “accurate description,” Katsur says on this week’s episode. It’s his job, among many other things, to spearhead and speed up Project Rearc, an ambitious industry effort to press reset on how personalized advertising works online.…
Clients of growth marketing agency Tuff saw “painful” results on Facebook as a result of signal loss, but it’s been able to roll with the changes, according to CEO Ellen Jantsch. There was even a silver lining. Apple’s ATT accelerated the indie agency’s move away from last-click attribution. Plus: navigating an acquisition while pregnant.…
Retail media is returning to the spotlight after its heyday of mascot-branded cereals in Saturday morning TV cartoons, newspaper circulars and cardboard cutouts in store aisles. This time, retail media is powered by first-party purchase data and loyalty programs. We speak to SVP of Kroger Precision Marketing Cara Pratt, an OG when it comes to OGs (…
Don’t apologize for having to monetize, according to Lisa Howard, global head of advertising and marketing solutions at The New York Times. “[We’re] unapologetic about ads,” she says. But when it comes to digital advertising, less is more.
Kelly Abcarian joined NBCU last year to lead a team tasked with disrupting the measurement status quo. “Marketers don’t buy ratings,” Abcarian says on this week’s episode. “They buy results.” NBCU’s roster of alternative measurement and audience verification providers now includes seven partners – and counting.…
Mobile behavior is telling: How is Trump’s Truth Social really doing? How is app usage trending in Russia and Ukraine? Did all those crypto ads during the Super Bowl actually get people to download crypto apps? On this week’s episode, we dive into the trends with Jonathan Kay, CEO of app store intelligence platform Apptopia.…
It was hard to imagine how mobile measurement platforms (MMPs) could survive Apple’s ATT changes. But the MMPs aren’t dying, they’re thriving, says Branch’s Alex Bauer, on the heels of raising $300 million.
Former physicist Melinda Han Williams used to spend her time studying “electronic transport in nanostructured graphene devices.” These days, as chief data scientist at Dstillery, she’s creating identifier-free solutions to transport us past the end of third-party cookies.
Privacy and data security aren’t just legal issues – they are also customer experience issues. Consumers don’t like their data “changing hands under the table,” says ActionIQ CEO Tasso Argyros.
It’s a classic tale of redemption. After going bankrupt in 2019, MoviePass is set to relaunch with co-founder and original CEO Stacy Spikes leading the charge. There are a lot of reasons things will be different this time around, Spikes says, including the eventual rollout of an advertising component.…
Marketers often rely on a combination of assumptions and incorrect, faulty data that perpetuates stereotypes. Former WarnerMedia executive Larry Adams experienced this firsthand and founded LVA, an “anti-racist” agency that uses proprietary technology to measure the level of inclusion in content.
Nielsen has always “had a challenge with counting appropriately,” says Andrea Zapata, head of research, data and insights at WarnerMedia Ad Sales. That’s why WarnerMedia is going big on alternatives: VideoAmp, iSpot and Comscore.
Amazon vet Lartease Tiffith, the IAB’s newly appointed EVP of public policy, has a wide spectrum of responsibilities: lobbying against bills that ban data-driven advertising, then lobbying for a federal privacy law. He’s a week and a half in, and he’s got his work cut out for him.
What can marketers do to separate the snake oil from the good stuff when it comes to identity resolution and cookieless technology? In a nutshell: “Buyer beware,” says Michael Komasinski, newly appointed global CEO of Dentsu-owned Merkle.
Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework left the mobile ecosystem reeling – but the writing was on the wall, says AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel on this week’s episode. ATT reminds him of when Apple pulled the plug on UDID and replaced it with the IDFA.
DMPs are dead – long live CDPs … at least according to Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of customer data platform mParticle. After years of confusion, the CDP space is finally starting to shake out as marketers get smarter about what they need from the tech.
2021 was a year of reckoning for TV measurement. On AdExchanger Talks, we spoke with three of the most important names in the space about these tectonic shifts: the CEOs of Nielsen, VideoAmp and Comscore. Here are the highlights.
The pandemic tossed a curveball to the out-of-home advertising industry. Ad revenue plummeted. But “spending is definitely back,” says Anna Bager, president and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. “It’s a rebound.”
Comscore has been capitalizing on Nielsen’s recent missteps – and taking the opportunity to throw shade at traditional panel-based measurement. Samples “don’t work well when you have a problem maintaining them,” says CEO Bill Livek.
VideoAmp is having a moment. (Nielsen is not.) “Winners and losers are emerging,” says VideoAmp CEO and Founder Ross McCray on this week’s episode. VideoAmp recently secured $275 million in financing as it angles to enter the “winner” category.
Online advertising and privacy aren’t mutually exclusive – as long as the former is transparent and permission-based and the latter isn’t completely ignored, says Mozilla’s CMO, Lindsey “Shep” Shepard, on this week’s episode.
Measurement is “the elephant in the room” for the podcast market, according to Elli Dimitroulakos, head of automation in the Americas at Acast. With podcast advertising projected to break $2 billion in spend by 2023 it’s time, she says, for the rise of new tech to cut down on the fragmentation of podcast supply and distribution.…
Overly restrictive keyword blocklists are still a big problem for publishers, according to Scott Gatz, CEO and founder of LGBTQ publisher Q.Digital, which experiences this issue acutely as a voice for the LGBTQ community. Niche publishers are often penalized for inoffensive words that commonly appear in their content. It’s time for advertisers to a…
Change is the law of life – especially for a global chief transformation officer. As the newly appointed change leader at WPP agency Wavemaker, Kathryn Spaeth is bringing her experience from the consulting world to bear in agency land.
Nielsen’s been through the wringer recently with the loss of its MRC seal and alternative measurement companies surging forth to take advantage of its stumble. But CEO David Kenny is confident that the ad industry needs a base standard for TV measurement and that Nielsen has what it takes to keep its spot.…
As the brand new president and COO of marketing trade org MMA Global, Lou Paskalis is on a mission to “save marketing from itself.” Here’s what the former top media executive at Bank of America has on his agenda. No punches will be pulled.
What is conversational media? Holler CEO Travis Montaque explains why emoji, stickers and GIFs are a language of their own as well as an opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers beyond the confines of conventional paid media.
Are advertisers ready to buy TV like they buy digital? Yes, indeed, says Dave Clark, GM of Comcast-owned FreeWheel. Demand is quick to follow digital-like capabilities in TV. But one thing FreeWheel isn’t planning to emulate is a walled garden. Also in this episode: Nielsen’s ongoing MRC headache, the programmatic upfront and what climate change ha…
What is privacy? Turns out, there’s no easy answer, even for David Temkin, Google’s senior director of product management for ads privacy and user trust. But change is coming regardless – which means it’s time for the ad industry to get comfortable feeling just a little bit uncomfortable as the ground shifts underfoot.…
Stagwell CEO Mark Penn drops by post-merger with MDC Partners to talk media networks, cross-agency collaboration, what it means to be a challenger holding company, the importance of fusing technology with creative (finally) – and the unlikely connection between his esoteric map collection and marketing.…
Verizon Media is now officially … Yahoo. Guess everything old is new again. But how did we get here and where is the new Yahoo going? Iván Markman, chief business officer of Yahoo – formerly Verizon Media – joins to fill in the details.
The verification category has steadily expanded into adjacent areas like viewability, fraud and brand suitability. In this conversation, Zagorski talks about where he expects future innovation in the never-ending quest to measure quality in advertising.
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