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Love like Jesus. Live like Jesus. Lead like Jesus. As followers of Christ, this is the focus and commitment of Calvary Christian Center in Yuba City, CA. Join us each week as Pastor Michael A. Ciociola delivers challenging and encouraging messages, casting the vision and leading the way as we press on toward the goal!
Our mission is to love and lead as many people as possible into a growing and wholehearted relationship with Jesus Christ. We aim to grow in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Rooted in the love of God and His Word, we desire to love and obey Him, to grow in relationship with each other, and to minister to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is our hope you will experience God’s presence and encounter His love. We are a community of people coming together in order to worship ...
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Many need to know the Holy Spirit is fully God: He has been sent to us to abide with us and to reveal the truth to us in a day when everyone has his/her truth. If there was ever a day when we need the Spirit of Truth it is today.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
It seems we’re living in a culture filled with chaos. Jesus said a sign of His return would be “perplexities,” unsolvable issues. What are His followers to do? He told us. We should be about the business of spreading His Gospel in anticipation of His return.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
In a culture that has lost its rudder, a question we need to ask ourselves is, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” When we stand clearly on the Lord’s side, He will stand with us and the hand of the Lord will manifest once again.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
There’s an Old Testament story that has implications for our current culture. God’s people were spiritually asleep and the culture was in collapse. God used a moment to awaken and rally His people. His message “Consider, take counsel, speak up.” We need this template today in our nation.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
Many Americans are crisis Christians! They run to God when crisis hits, but when all is well, He is no longer Lord of all. We must understand: God will not be manipulated or used!! We must walk with Him now, honor Him now, make Him Lord of all now - whether all is well or not.. THEN when we face a battle - He is already with us!!!…
Pastor Michael continues his dynamic series, “Not What It Looks Like” with Part 3: The House You’re Building. Ever feel like everything you are working on in life just keeps falling short - or worse, falling apart?? The greatest construction secret in God’s kingdom isn’t found necessarily in What we are doing… but Who we are doing it with - or not!…
If there’s anything 9/11 teaches us it’s that earthly life is fragile. But we are immortal and will go on living in one of two destinations. Our last breath here will be our first breath somewhere else. Today, we will unwrap what the Son of God teaches us about the afterlife.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
Join us for a powerful message from US missionary, Glen Davis, the Director of Chi Alpha Ministries at Stanford University. We all have family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers who need Christ - and the most powerful weapon of all to reach them? Prayer! "Prayer is the artillery that softens the ground."…
There are people in our culture who afraid to hope any longer. But we know our God. Help is on the way. It seems like midnight. It seems like the enemy is winning. But God has just started to roll up His sleeves to rescue and deliver His people. God keeps His Word.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
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