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Love like Jesus. Live like Jesus. Lead like Jesus. As followers of Christ, this is the focus and commitment of Calvary Christian Center in Yuba City, CA. Join us each week as Pastor Michael A. Ciociola delivers challenging and encouraging messages, casting the vision and leading the way as we press on toward the goal!
Our mission is to love and lead as many people as possible into a growing and wholehearted relationship with Jesus Christ. We aim to grow in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Rooted in the love of God and His Word, we desire to love and obey Him, to grow in relationship with each other, and to minister to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is our hope you will experience God’s presence and encounter His love. We are a community of people coming together in order to worship ...
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Watching fans cheer loudly for their team to win is contagious. But when their team appears to open up a substantial lead, cheering lessens as complacency sets in. The same happens in our enthusiasm for our Lord. Our response to the goodness of God should be worship and thanksgiving.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
The Upper Room. It’s a literal place where we meet with God. When we have a prayer life, our praise has power in it. Glorifying God is above talent and performance. Glorifying God is connected to our prayer life.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
Followers of Jesus should be engaged in the process of electing representative government officials. It is a unique privilege to have this right among the nations of this world. The future of our God given rights hinge on this election. We should be knowledgeable about the candidates and VOTE on November 8th. Biblical principles and freedom are at …
Jesus taught that His church would grow because His followers were anointed with His Spirit to GO and make new disciples. When we worship in spirit and in truth bringing others to Jesus is automatic.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
We cannot live on evil forebodings, bad news, negativity. Jesus is preparing His church. He’s about to demonstrate His greatness in His church. Cultural transformation will come to our nation, not by our ingenuity, but by the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
Ye Royal Camelot Kids! We have a grand story to tell of adventure quite rare, of knights and a King and princes fair! So open your ears, your hearts, please do. For each word we share is entirely true! Come and join us on a journey with Camelot's Wayward Prince!โดย Calvary Christian Center
The cultural leaders in New Testament days said of Jesus’ followers: They took note of them that they had been with Jesus. Our culture is living in desperate fear. Uncertainty is everywhere. We are in desperate need of a manifestation of Jesus. We His followers are called to manifest Him.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
Like Israel at the Jordan we stand on the bank seeing within our reach a move of the Holy Spirit unlike any seen before. An answer to the prayers of countless waiting to see their families brought into the Kingdom of Christ, knowing it is the only hope for America. It is urgent we awaken and not fall asleep before we conquer one last giant.…
WELL! That happened! In fact, "it" happened by a well quit a few times in Scripture. What happened? Welllll... those drawn by a need: find The Answer. We were designed to need - and God loves needy people! Join us as Pastor Michael "delves deeper" into Scripture and draws out some Living Water!โดย Pastor Michael D. Ciociola
This is the conclusion of the Dark Secrets, Bright Hopes Conference during the regular Sunday Morning GT service with guest speaker Derek Gilbertโดย Derek Gilbert
Brad Dacus, President and Founder of Pacific Justice Institute! They have been fighting for religious, family and constitutional rights for years - and Mr. Dacus will be speaking on current events in his message/presentation and available for Q&A. Brad Dacus served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, and went on to receive his Juri…
There is evil on the loose in our land. Satan is no longer lurking- his evil intentions are on full display. Truly this is the day the prophets foretold: evil is called good. Good is called evil. The adversary is angry because he knows his time is short. BUT this is our greatest opportunity to bring people to Jesus. We will not cower in fear. We wi…
Jesus has spoken clearly to His church about our temperature. Hot or cold. Why? Because He wants us awakened and on fire, not woke. We are called to set the thermostat in our culture.โดย Pastor Michael A. Ciociola
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