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Join your hosts Mark Tinklenberg, Mike Haringa, and Zach Walker as we take a deep dive into the X's and O's of the NBA. We'll share the why behind the what when it comes to NBA offensive and defensive systems. We'll look closely at coaches, personnel, and playing styles throughout the league. Our goal is to enhance your knowledge of the game while sharing what we love, NBA Basketball.
True Crime XS

True Crime XS

Season One was an audio story about finding the remains of some of the long buried victims of a serial killer who committed suicide almost a decade ago. One of the most prolific serial killers of our time and the authorities have only found one body. Season Two examines a cluster of missing persons and strange crimes in the heart of America committed over a twenty-five year period that have never been linked by local law enforcement and never examined by state or federal authorities for like ...
Topic ranging from anything to everything as 2 longtime friends from completely different backgrounds and cultures, we want to sharpen your mind and give you different perspectives on stuff you may have never even considered. You may not agree with everything and that's ok, neither do we! Free your mind and welcome ideas! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/xspodcast/support
Mets tes écouteurs et laisse toi aller... Je te raconte une histoire entre mecs. Une histoire érotique ou une histoire franchement sexuelle. Profite... Et fais toi plaisir ! 👬Pour écouter les épisodes et vous abonner : /sur SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/show/0sIjZ5ogJKvJZgS54jwsLJ / sur APPLE https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podca , / sur ANCHOR https://anchor.fm/xstory-podcast-gay 🔄SUR LES RESEAUX SOCIAUX : Twitter : https://twitter.com/xstorypodcast Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/xs ...
The Cottonopolis of culture, Manchester is home to amazing people with incredible stories which need to be shared. Hosted by Manc legend and XS Manchester's Clint Boon, Humans of XS Manchester celebrates the spirit of the city by telling the tales of Mancunians - whether born here or drawn here – who represent the city’s rich music heritage and culture.
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In this week's NFL Draft bonus episode, Omar Kelly and Dave Hyde discuss which playmaker in the upcoming NFL draft would best fit with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Will they have to reach for a defensive end? And how does the Sam Darnold trade impact the Dolphins and AFC East?
This podcast was made possible by www.labrottiecreations.com Check out their merchandise and specifically their fun pop pet art custom pieces made from photos of your very on pets. Use the promo code CRIMEXS for 20% off a fun, brightly colored, happy piece of art of your own pet at their site. Music in this episode was licensed for True Crime XS. O…
Welcome back to the XS Podcast! This week Manny and Scotty link back up to chat. With the ever evolving Covid-19 Pandemic, we touch on how the different parts of the country handle things. Scotty talks about his Pandemic Disney trip. We touch on Stimmy checks from Tio Biden and what that Patriots seem to have done with theirs. We chat about some Ma…
The Dolphins shook up the NFL last week with a pair of aggressive trades in the 2021 Draft. Omar Kelly and Dave Hyde debate if it was a good move and analyze what Miami should do with the No. 6 pick they got from the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dolphins' off-season battle may just be beginning.
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