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For the grand finale of this year’s daily WWDC podcast, security expert Anastasiia Voitova joins John and Rambo to discuss some of Apple’s new privacy-related features and how they might impact third party developers.โดย John Sundell
Indie iOS developer Ish ShaBazz joins John and Rambo to discuss the changes that Apple have made to UITableView, UICollectionView and SwiftUI this year. Also, is UITableView finally headed towards deprecation?โดย John Sundell
On this shorter daily podcast episode, John and Rambo dive deeper into App Clips and Widgets, how they work from a technical perspective, and a few things that could be good to keep in mind when starting to implement them.โดย John Sundell
PCalc developer James Thomson joins John and Rambo to talk about shipping apps across all of Apple’s platforms, and how improvements to Catalyst and the introduction of Apple Silicon might have a big impact on how that’s done. Also, thoughts on the new SwiftUI-based widget system.โดย John Sundell
John and Gui Rambo share their first impressions of Apple’s WWDC20 opening keynote, as well as the Platforms State of the Union session. Did Apple’s first ever online keynote live up to our expectations, which of the announcements were the most exciting, and what technologies are we looking forward to dive deeper into during the week? Those are jus…
Meghan Kane is a prominent machine learning developer, university lecturer and researcher — and in this final pre-WWDC developer interview, she joins John to give her take on Apple’s current machine learning strategy, and what kind of improvements we might see at this year’s WWDC.โดย John Sundell
Security expert Anastasiia Voitova joins John to give her take on WWDC and Apple’s developer tools from a security and privacy perspective. What are the current trends in the security world, and could Apple make their security APIs more accessible?โดย John Sundell
Antoine van der Lee, iOS developer at WeTransfer and WWDC veteran, joins John to give his top tips on how to get the most out of attending WWDC and the events around it, and to share his Xcode wishes.โดย John Sundell
Dave Verwer, creator of iOS Dev Weekly, joins John for the second WWDC developer interview — to talk about how he consumes the content from WWDC, his take on Marzipan, the future of server-side Swift, and more.โดย John Sundell
Welcome to the first WWDC by Sundell developer interview — a mini-podcast and article series, in which we’ll hear from some of my friends from around the Apple developer community — about their thoughts, hopes and dreams for WWDC. Starting with one of my really good friends — he’s an iOS developer, a reverse engineer, he writes for 9to5Mac, and he’…
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