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Andy Erickson kicks off the missions emphasis series with a message about missions and one of the key points of the Chi Alpha motto, "Every Student Goes." This message also introduces the Chi Alpha 10:2 (Luke 10:2) prayer campaign focusing on interceding on behalf of the unreached.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
Calling is not a straight line. It doesn't happen in a moment. It doesn't always go the way we planned. In this week's message, Jay and Ashley Seidler talk about committing to the Lord's will and their story of following through on what the Lord wanted for their lives.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
In the spirit of Christmas, Colton Shrader highlights the importance of keeping Jesus central to our stories. Unless we understand the weight of the Christmas story and how it fits into Scripture as a whole, we cannot fully understand how Jesus operates and how vital our relationship with Him can be.…
The death of Jesus on the cross deeply illustrates the Father's love for his children. For one, Jesus shows heavy compassion and grace when he's surrounded by mockers and shamed by his people. The events following his crucifixion also speak of the intimate, cosmic love of Jesus, prompting us to seek his love, forgiveness, and healing.…
John the Baptist was a radical, God-fearing man, and he was not interested in making himself more well-known. Heather Erickson emphasizes the value of leaving a legacy and describes how John used his life to make a lasting impact and make Jesus as famous as possible.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
Darryl Speaks about the Helmet of Righteousness https://ia601503.us.archive.org/24/items/SpiritualWarfareWeek2HelmetOfRightousnessDarrylPhillips/Spiritual%20Warfare%20Week%202%20%20Helmet%20of%20Rightousness%20-%20Darryl%20Phillips.mp3
Andy Erickson ends our semester and school year by getting back to the basics. The Gospel is always relevant to every person in every season. Our beliefs are tied to our actions. We cannot help but to live out what we believe, whether it's the true Gospel or another false gospel.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
The missional heart of God is vital to our lives and the way we give to the people around us. If the anatomy of God's heart is sending love, and the physiology of God's heart is missions, then God's heart in us stirs a love of missional generosity inside of us.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
Ohio Superintendent John Wootton finishes our series on having a culture of honor by discussing the topic of messaging. How do we resolve conflicts biblically? How do we know when to speak up and when to keep quiet? What do we do differently with different audiences? John addresses each of those concerns with personal experience and biblical reason…
Jay Seidler continues our series on having a culture of honor. A culture of honor is more than just having respect for each other, but it's elevating each other above ourselves. Honor is not zero-sum, it calls out the gold in people, and it protects relationships in the process.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
Great Lakes Chi Alpha Director Steve Brannan speaks on the value of the Bible. The Bible is bread for the soul, weaponry for the spirit realm, and a map for life. Most importantly, it tells us the story of Jesus from beginning to end.โดย Dayton XA Inc.
Heather Erickson takes a deeper dive into a "Culture of Honor" by taking a look at the biblical role of women. The role of women in the world wasn't meant to be a place of submission but one of mutuality and equality. Women were meant to reign and fashioned so by God from the beginning. Jesus through the redemptive gospel is restoring their place.…
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