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Jan. 6 hearing depicts Donald Trump as content to let the riot rage, Congressman Lee Zeldin attacked during New York state stump speech, and GoFundMe raises $500K for pizza man who saved 5 from house fire.โดย WSJ This Morning
Uvalde school shooting report finds 'systemic failures' in law enforcement response, Zelensky removes Ukraine's General Prosecutor, head of Secret Service, and NY football coach to attempt Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim for charity.โดย WSJ This Morning
The Jan 6 committee outlines the role of far-right groups in the attack on the Capitol, more scrutiny on the response of law enforcement during the Uvalde massacre and why Amazon still clicks with shoppers.โดย WSJ This Morning
Hospitals must provide abortions in emergency situations, President Biden pushes to ban assault weapons, and US Navy sailors reunite with the dogs they rescued from near-certain death in the Middle East.โดย WSJ This Morning
President Biden weighs authority to declare abortion-related public health emergency, big cities can't get workers back to the office, and Wall Street reaches for cliché to excuse your withered 401(k).โดย WSJ This Morning
Highland Park July Fourth parade shooting leaves at least six dead, White House faces legal hurdles in weighing abortion response, and these high school seniors raced away from graduation to fight a fire.โดย WSJ This Morning
Abortion ruling poses fresh midterm challenges for Democrats, Republicans, G-7 nears agreement on exploring new sanction capping Russian oil price, and man loses USB flash drive with data on entire city's residents after night out.โดย WSJ This Morning
Senate passes bipartisan gun bill funding red-flag laws, mental health programs, Trump Justice Officials cite pressure from him to overturn 2020, and here are 10 items you'll want to have in your carry-on.โดย WSJ This Morning
Uvalde school-district Police Chief Pete Arredondo is put on leave, President Biden calls on Congress to approve a 3-month gas tax holiday, and exposure to any light during sleep linked to obesity.โดย WSJ This Morning
State officials recall pressure from Former President Trump, allies on 2020 election result, Senate begins debate of bipartisan gun control bill, and teacher twirls out of school after 50 years of teaching.โดย WSJ This Morning
Uvalde parents, community members call for chief's resignation at emotional school board meeting, President Biden says he is near decision on backing federal gasoline-tax holiday, and Nobel sold for Ukrainian kids shatters record at $103.5 million.โดย WSJ This Morning
GOP senators surprisingly bullish on prospects for a bipartisan gun deal, Jan. 6 panel seeks to break through with primetime programming, and Massachusetts restaurant worker receives $2K winning lottery ticket as tip.โดย WSJ This Morning
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