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Vineyard Boise

Vineyard Boise

Vineyard Boise

Weekly Sermons from Vineyard Boise. Vineyard Boise is a body of believers in the heart of Garden City that has been serving Boise since 1989. We are a non-denominational Christian church that pursues authentic Christian life and endeavors to develop mature, reproducible, Spirit-filled Christian disciples, in order to make The Invisible God Visible
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The gathered church has built more orphanages than individuals ever did. The ability to gather resources and launch people is way more effective in the church than in loners. But what does it mean for us to be a Church community?โดย Vineyard Community Church Richmond
Paul continues writing to the church in Rome about his understanding of the good news of Jesus. In the last verses of chapter 1 he makes it clear that God has allowed humanity the choice of belief and the consequences of unbelief.
Did Jesus actually claim to be God, or was that something that his followers added to his story over the centuries? Is his claim to divinity a modern invention that we've layered on top because of our religious hopes, or did Jesus actually think he was God? This week we explore evidence from the earliest followers as well as what Jesus actually sai…
The first people Jesus sent out were surprising and yet he sent them out in his name to do the things he was doing. What does it look like for us to be sent by Jesus into the places and to the people Jesus is sending us to? Let's learn from the example of Jesus in Matthew 10.โดย Stephen Watson
Today we start a new series through the book of James. James dives right in and teaches us that in the Kingdom where Jesus is Lord, even trials bring good and perfect gifts. The post PT. 1 – “TROUBLE’S GONNA COME…’ first appeared on Vineyard.โดย Vineyard
When Jesus explains what’s coming, the disciples are slow to understand; if they’re the ‘A-Team’ it stands not for awesome but average, the point being that Jesus calls ordinary people like you to share in the adventure of bringing His Kingdom on earth. We can step forward in faith knowing He can use ‘even me’ because He is faithful to His promises…
Simon & Keely introduce the new All One series looking at Paul’s message that we are ‘all one in Christ Jesus’. To watch the video go to our YouTube channelโดย Riverside Vineyard Church - Whitstable
We sense this is a significant moment for students of the Vineyard. Out of a season of trial and discomfort, hope always emerges. There is a marking on this generation to step into the story of God at University, and see the Kingdom of God released in remarkable ways. This is a moment to say yes again to the radical call of life with Jesus for the …
Join us as Mike kicks off the vission series for 2022, taking a look at the mission statement of Vineyard Bath and reflecting particularly on what it means to take hold of what God has called us into and establish ourselves as members of his kingdom.
Velkommen til en prædiken fra København Vineyard. Tak fordi du lytter med. Dagens taler er Flemming Mølhede fra København Vineyard. Talen er en del af temaet 'I Jesu Fodspor'. Du er altid velkommen til en af vores gudstjenester kl. 10.30 eller kl. 19.00. Eller kig forbi i løbet af ugen til en kop kaffe. Guds fred…
Our hearts need to be prepared for a move of God and the work of the Spirit in our lives. John the Baptist showed up to prepare people for a new movement, one that was marked by miracles, signs and wonders, and healing power. They begun by entering into a season of repentance and out of that they saw God move.…
Have you ever felt unseen (by God or others) or like you don't know what your purpose is? As we entered into the first Sunday after Epiphany, one of our Lay Pastors, Barbara Pelletier, read from Isaiah 43 and Psalm 29 to remind of us God's love for us, of God's power, presence, and majesty, that God sees us, and that God has a purpose for us. You c…
As we "camp" out in John 4, we spent time looking at Jesus' interaction with the woman at the well and what we can learn from his ministry. ++++++++++++++ If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below 👇🏽 or email us at Thank you for your faithful giving! Your continued support makes i…
In this message, we dive back into our study of the gospel of Mark together! Michael shares from Mark 4 & 5 about the adventure of saying yes to Jesus over and over again in our lives. The post The King and His Kingdom appeared first on The Vineyard Church.โดย Michael Gatlin
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