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New York City is back! But was it ever over? Most restrictions have been lifted. Is life returning to normal? Also, go see the NIKECRAFT Weartester exhibit in midtown Manhattan if you're in NYC these next few weeks. Details at the end of the episode.
I'm back - yet again. I think this is the third or fourth time now. I'm joined by a longtime friend, Tyler Gold, who I have a lot in common with - both personally and professionally. Summer School is a limited podcast series that will run for the months of June and July. Tweet us your feedback!
Hello! It's that time of year again, when Apple gathers the press to Cupertino and announces its shiny new iPhones. Dylan and Sam talk through the event and decide what iPhone they're getting. Thanks for listening!
Hi! Remember us! It sure has been a while, hasn't it. But we're back! Join co-hosts Sam Sheffer and Dylan Shine to discuss predictions and rumors for Apple's fall 2019 event. We'll be back next week for a re-cap. See you then.
In this episode of The Phenomenal Podcast Experience, co-hosts Sam Sheffer and Dylan Shine discuss all things internet with co-founder of Initialized Capital and Reddit, Alexis Ohanian.
Apple held an event in New York for the first time ever. We got a handful of new products and it was a great event overall. Join Dylan and Sam as they get into a wild and wacky discussion.
Pixel 3. Pixel 3 XL. Google Home Hub. Pixel Slate. A handful of new devices from Google announced this week! Join co-hosts Sam Sheffer and Dylan Shine for a discussion with Marques Brownlee on all of this, his video workflow, the Tesla Roadster, and more.
Join co-hosts Sam Sheffer and Dylan Shine in the latest installment of The Phenomenal Podcast Experience in which they chat with Wallace Santos, CEO of Maingear — a custom gaming PC company — about the nitty gritty of building a custom PC and what the future may look like in this space.
Join co-hosts Sam Sheffer and Dylan Shine and special guest Doron Sheffer as they dive into the sensation that is BR and how it has affected video gaming as a whole. Episode 3 of TPPE!
Welcome to episode two of The Phenomenal Podcast Experience. I'm your co-host, Sam Sheffer, joined by my co-host, Dylan Shine, to discuss what tech has done to cars, trains, skateboards, and such. If you enjoy, be sure to rate. Takes like 10 seconds! Peace and sah.
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