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Matt and Storm of Townhall offer a fresh, humorous conservative perspective on today's political and cultural issues with their politically incorrect hot takes. Unabashed supporters of President Trump, they unapologetically take on progressives, leftists, and squishy Republicans for their nonsense. Triggered: It's not for Libs. Follow us on Twitter @TriggeredTHM. Send us your story suggestions... or whatever you'd like:
Left Trigger Right Trigger is a podcast that is 100% not for children. Join us twice a month as we convene the 'video game book club.' Each episode is structured around a topic: anything from 'Trust' to 'Robots' to 'Body Parts'. Listen in as your hosts each bring a game to the table that they think exemplifies that topic in some way. Give us a shot, won't you?
If your 2020 felt funny, welcome a new podcast that inspires conversations that bring real growth and transformation. From going against the grain on common issues in our community to open dialogue about different perspectives in relationships, friendships, business, parenting, and overall ADULT-ING. Welcome to our trigger happy family, join us as we own our differences and try our best to not become triggered AF.
Can't sleep? Try the new sleep app, Slow, here: You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so do it well. Sleep is your superpower. On this podcast, you will find; Relaxing nature sounds, sleep soundscapes, binaural beats, deep sleep sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, ocean waves, white noise machines, thunderstorms, waterfall sounds, baby sleep sounds, tinnitus masker sounds, jungle, forest sounds, relaxing music, and guided sleep meditations. Feel free to commen ...
Welcome to The Pull the Trigger Podcast, hosted by Dan Crosby AKA LamboLapdog, and Scott Innocente. We cover anything from business to real estate, with a heavy focus on mindset. We give real world advice to help on your entrepreneurial journey. We're not here to give you false hopes, sell, or solicit anything. We're here to build our personal brand and offer you advice from my personal experience as real estate investors, and as an entrepreneur who owns a real estate business, nutritional m ...