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What do you need to know about Finnish job market? Where to start when starting a business? What should you aim at and what can you hope for? Startup Refugees regularly answer these questions, and this week Kati will open up on those and more for our listeners.
This week we are talking with Adriana and Anna and the skill of public speaking and how one can learn it when joining the Toastmasters community. Also, you will get general info about Toastmasters. And we start with the weekly Tribe news block.
Learning from the big ones for a startup time! How can you present one and same information for different group? What do you need to know about your potential customer or listener? A cheerful interview where we discuss all this and more with Nadja Mikkonen from Yle.
This week our guest is Tina Pienkuukka who shared with Marina her views on podcasting as a business, situation with diversity in Finland, and influence of intercultural communication knowledge on job search and everyday life.
In this week episode of TribeCast we speak to Ville Levaniemi the co-founder of Happy or Not. He walks us through the Happy or Not story, creating customer value and what you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur. Take a look at this article by the New Yorker about Happy or not! -…
This week we speak to Jasmin Assulin, a diversity, equality and inclusion specialist. Discussing topics such as the Finnish job market, Finnish society and entrepreneurship. You can check out Jasmin on Linkedin here:โดย Tribecast TRE
Two female guests and their stories because it is one week till 8th of March! Eva Wissenz talks about being a sustainable entrepreneur and the Sustainability and Impact Club. And then a special chat about cakes, community and podcasts with yours truly,โดย Tribecast TRE
Tribecast host talking to the speakers of 1st ever Arctic15 Stockholm Pontus Stråhlman (Voima Ventures), Claes Mikko Nilsen (Nordic Ninja VC), Aline Santa Izabel (Yogut ME) and the CEO of Arctic Startup Jan Ameri.โดย Tribecast TRE
And here comes the 2nd part of the special Slush episode of Tribecast Tre. Our guests weer Hampus Jakobsson (, Ekaterina Zhegalina (Cashoff), Pauliina Alanen and Ville Hulkko (, and Dylan Field (Figma).โดย Tribecast TRE
In this episode Vivian Leung will explain about the FoodTechies and talk about the FoodTech Hackathon they organize in the partnership with Valaa and Ateriat , followed by Noora Frelander (Norded) talking about Crowdfunding.โดย Tribecast TRE
In episode 37 enjoy listening to designer, coach and writer Arta Citko describing her design experience and her mentoring at Red Brick Accelerator followed by Harri Halonen (Tribe Tampere) sharing his volunteering experience and his path in design.โดย Tribecast TRE
A special episode has been recorded at Stream startup festival. Please meet, Robin Kipfer (Danske bank), William Hammersley (Elisa), Andrea Di Pietrantonio (Inventure), David Wunder (German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce) and Yoad Mick (Brand Expert)!โดย Tribecast TRE
First, I invite you to our studio at P47 co-working space in Tampere, where I talked with Anders Hsi, one of the local helpers of conducting the FinEst Bay Area - Greater Bay Area Trip. Then, let’s go to Terkko Health Hub Helsinki, where I met with Robert Brooks to learn more about social media marketing. And finally, I would like to share with you…
Talks on forest, fossil fuels, circular economy and AI, all recorded at SHIFT business festival in Turku. The guests of Tribecast TRE are Niklas von Weymarn (Metsa Spring), Mari Männistö (SHIFT), Stephan Erne (Handelsbanken), Risto Vapola (Neste) and Joanna Bryson ( University of Bath).โดย Tribecast TRE
The last episode of the tst! Visiting Terkko Health Hub and Maria01 and talking to community people Rashad Ismayilzada (Terkko Health Hub) and Kim Oguilve (Maria01) and to startup entrepreneurs Jakko Kaikuluoma (MVision AI), Kristian Alaviuhkola (SciAR) and Ann-Getter Annuk (โดย Tribecast TRE
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