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What does the Bible say about how we treat people? How do we know if something is an attack from the enemy or not? Listen in as we answer both of these questions today, reflecting on what's happening right now in Afghanistan.โดย TribeJH
God has a desire to bring us to a place of maturity. Sometimes in life we get bumped with the impossible and how we respond is important. Listen as we talk about how to function and live with impossible faith.โดย TribeJH
The Bible is full of stories where Jesus asked something impossible of people, yet it became a reality. Listen as we discuss accessing the impossible provision of the Lord inspired from the story of the loaves and fish in Mark 6.โดย TribeJH
Join us as guest speaker Stephen Struebing echo's the apostle Paul in talking about foundational truths of the Church. What are they and how can we answer the call to get back on track in the Church today.โดย TribeJH
Just like a runner crossing the finish line, Jesus is the champion of history, and has a finish line that He'll cross at the close of this Age. Let's unpack 3 different verses to find out how to live it out for today.โดย TribeJH
Jesus loves us enough to tell us the truth of who/what we are, with the end goal of offering a beautiful solution to our mess! Listen as we dive into week 2 of the series: "Dangers Ahead: 3 dangers to avoid in the church."โดย TribeJH
Even though none of us love going through tribulations or troubles in life, they happen. In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about them! Today we'll take a closer look at how God can use them to remove the junk from our life that's dragging us down. We'll see how trials can actually refine us to be more like Him.…
This week Pastor Brian wraps up Tribulation and Triumph by answering some of your questions! While we might be moving out of this series we will not be moving on from the gift of this season.โดย TribeJH
As we continue to break down Matthew 24, we see some specific events that will take place in what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation. We continue to equip ourselves with knowledge of what the Bible actually says, regarding this time to come, so we feel empowered and encouraged.โดย TribeJH
This week we’re talking about the second of three stages of the end times adventure: tribulation. The more we look at what the Bible says about this stage, the less we fear what’s to come and rather be encouraged and feel equipped for times ahead.โดย TribeJH
Triumph, or victory, comes through tribulation. Birth pains signal that something is coming and the Bible is clear on what’s to come. It’s important that we wear the “correct lenses” when reading scripture so we know how to be prepared for tribulation that will ultimately bring triumph.โดย TribeJH
We are given clear instructions in the bible on how to know the signs of the times. Even though, in life, we go through seasons of tribulation we have had and will have triumph in King Jesus.โดย TribeJH
Jesus tells us in the book of Matthew to keep watch... but what does that mean? Listen as Pastor Brian explains some ways for us, as the body of Christ, to not grow weary or fall asleep while we wait for His return.โดย TribeJH
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