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Our summer travel series the Soul Highway is in high gear as we cruise the tollways….destination Chicago. We highlight the best the Windy City has to offer. So if you dig Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway or Chaka Khan & Jennifer Hudson, we have the best Chicago Soul Now & Then.
We cruise down the Soul Highway to Ohio & check out all the Ohio Players…..not just the band of the same name, but great musicians and songwriters like The O’Jays, Babyface, Gerald Levert, Zapp, Roger & more. It’s our summer travel series the Soul Highway!
In preparation for our Summer Road Trip series, The Soul Highway, it’s all about getting you there on TTNAT. Whether its planes trains or automobiles, and even a boat or two we count down the top 10 songs about transportation.
Marvin Gaye would be celebrating his birthday April 2nd. We honor that special day with a look at his life and his music. We share rare interviews from Marvin Gaye, and hear from many that Marvin influenced. We talk about his lasting legacy and why he meant so much to all of us. Let's Get It On!
“I” think this is gonna be a good show! You see “I” is the operative word today on the final chapter of a fun set of shows we've been doing called Me, Myself & I. “I” believe you will really love the tunes “I” am sending your way!
On the last edition of TTNAT we made it all about me, with songs about and for me. Well we twist it ever so slightly this week, as it now becomes about MY things. It’s the 2nd part of a fun series of shows we are doing on the topic of Me, Myself & I
TAKE a moment and GIVE us a chance to entertain you. This time it’s a lesson in Give &Take. The best songs that include those two crucial words in the English language. We will give you Rick James & Marvin Gaye and take you back with Mariah Carey & Lauryn Hill. All that and more!
It's time for our annual look at the stars, and others, that made their way to Soul Heaven in 2021. It’s a bittersweet, but musically uplifting look at those famous, and some not so famous faces, who made us smile with their art and entertainment. Say goodbye to some of your musical inspirations and more on TTNAT.…
For the final exam on the Musical Alphabet we mixed together the letters U,V,W,X,Y & Z to give you a musical playlist that you will remember. Hint: U for Usher, V for Vandross and W for Wonder. Go Ahead and get that Diploma from Top Ten Now And Then.
We have a place saved at the head of the table for you as we serve up the tastiest meal you will ever have. We will eat & drink our way thru a musical feast that will leave you fat & happy. So get those last minute workouts in as we loosen our belt and give you the funkiest songs about food & drink.
Your hall pass is signed and approved to be in class as we explore the musical alphabet, looking at the artists that have the letter R in their 1st or last name. Think Rihanna or maybe Smokey Robinson. Any way you list them, its gonna Rock!
All summer long we have been taking you on road trips across this vast land of ours on the Soul Highway. This week we decided to build a bridge to take us across the water and around the globe as we spread the Soul Highway worldwide. From England to Jamaica, from Canada to Mexico, with stops all over the map.…
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