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Inspired by the book "FAT TRANSFER FROM WAISTLINE TO BOTTOM LINE-LIFE LESSONS FOR FITNESS AND BUSINESS" hosted by the author Tomi Rotimi. On this newly rebranded podcast, we will have conversations on entrepreneurship, topics around starting, growing and sustaining businesses. And in the spirit of the book we will also discuss embracing fitness as a life style. The goal of this podcast is to inspire us to live healthy lives and build successful business.
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If you succeed at a task once it could be a fluke or maybe luck but if you do it consistently for 20 years then it must be a formulae and that is what I want to share, my formula for creating best sellers over and over again.
After a particularly challenging couple of weeks both at work and home. I’m inspired to reassess my goals and commit to the ones that I’m passionate about. The quest for perfection has robbed me of achievements in the past….not any more, and for you? Not on my watch.
I was doing some things that was hurting my business and I didn’t know. In my latest podcast, I talk about 3 of my bad business habits, their long term consequences and what you need to do to avoid them. Please listen and share
I had a bad experience with a vendor this week and it made me feel undervalued. That feeling led me to another vendor who was slightly more expensive but significantly more appreciative of my business. This is what I observed from that experience and now I am determined to do better too. please listen and share.…
Are you over designing? If you are, its may be because you think its all you can do to sustain your business and keep your customers returning. This is not sustainable. There is a place for innovation but innovation is beyond over designing. In building my business these strategies have helped me offer value beyond product development. This is a mu…
You have no chance at being consistent at fitness or business if you don’t prepare for the inevitable threats. Boredom, comparison and discouragement are coming so be ready. I share my tips but like everybody I’m still working it.
“ I admire your consistency “ I blush anytime I’m told this but it really is a super power we all need to have. Thankfully we can all be consistent at doing the things that will lead up to big wins if we are deliberate about it. In today’s podcast I share some tips for getting consistent, it works for fitness , business and life. Please listen and …
Shalom is the founder of Naturally Tribal Skin Care brand. The brand with roots in Nigeria recently started stocking in British Luxury department store Harrods. Sharon shares her journey to this big break and many insights for us on life and business.
As we attempt to create new streams of income and explore other gifts and talents, we will find ourselves making excuses and if we let them Excuses will prevent us from achieving our goals. Here are 5 of my excuses and how I deal with them.
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