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show series — Join your neighbors Elvis and Jon as we get excited over just how much weirder A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is than you’d expect it to be. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Jon Marquis Can You Say… Hero? (Original 1998 Esquire Article):… — The time has come and Toy Story 4 is here. Everything has been leading up to this… or has it? SungWon returns to Gaby-Gab over the fourth adventure of everybody’s favorite playthings. We ask he tough questions: Why is Forky alive? Why does the movie exist? Does it live up to the hype or are we just… — Howdy partner, your favorite Tom Hanks podcast is back to discuss all 5 Toy Story Toons in anticipating of the upcoming sequel. We’re joined by SungWon Cho and discuss how these shorts surprise us and have so very little for Hanks to do. We’re not so excited for Toy Story 4, but the reviews hav… — Hanks goes full Wario as Sir John Falstaff in a live production of Shakespeare’s Henry IV: Parts 1 AND 2! Will Elvis and Rish stay awake for the entire play? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis – @elviskaboom Rish – @rishfilm (IG) Shakespeare Center Of Los Angeles: Theme … — The President stomps on the freedom of the press while women speak out to the men controlling their industry – is this 2017 or Steven Spielberg’s The Post? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Jon Marquis Jon’s required reading, Nixonland:… — Hellvis Ghoulnash and WolfMandy Greene rise from their graves to discuss death of the author and the David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis – @elviskaboom Andy – @wanderinggreene Gossip Guys – @gossipguyspod Gossip Guys Podcast… — Elvis & Andy come out of retirement to see Tom Hanks perform LIVE in an adaptation of The Tempest for The Shakespeare Center Of Los Angeles. Will they meet Tom Hanks? What do you say to your hero?? And what are they serving for dessert?!? Don’t worry folks, it’s all for charity. Follow us – @tomha… — For the final episode, Andy Greene returns to help Elvis say goodbye. We discuss Hanks’ greatest performances, his limitations, and how Tom Hanks represents an idealized America that never existed. It’s time to kill our gods, put the toys in the attic, and jump into that volcano. Follow us … — This week it’s the penultimate podcast as we look at our final film in the Hanks catalogue and the latest chapter in the Disney-Pixar flagship franchise, Toy Story 3. SungWon Cho (ProZD) joins to discuss how the film succeeds as a conclusion, and grumble at the prospect of more sequels. Follow us –… — This week we are joined by After The Hype to discuss 1989’s The ‘Burbs. Is Joe Dante’s suburban comedy a pitch-perfect American satire, or a justification for xenophobic violence? Either way we get Tom Hanks at his most flailingly frustrated! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis – @elviskaboom After The H… — Throw on your cheap dresses and dollar store wigs, it’s time to talk BOSOM BUDDIES! The brilliant Ben Shearn returns to discuss the 1980’s TV sitcom. We cover Hanks’ unrelenting charisma, the essential Bosom Buddies episode guide, and the destructive nature of co-dependent friendships. See? It’s… — The hilarious Lauren Scharf comes aboard to discuss cruise romances, li’l orphan sea goddesses, and Tom Hank’s gams in THE LOVE BOAT: Season 4, Episode 1 – “Sergeant Bull/Friends and Lovers/Miss Mother” Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis – @elviskaboom Lauren Scharf – @LLcoolscharf Lauren’s YouTube: … — This week Bryan Dressel returns to celebrate America’s Independence Day with BAND OF BROTHERS and a terrified conversation about the state of modern politics. Yay America! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Bryan Dressel – @whybryanwhy After The Hype – @ATH_Podcast After The … — This week Elvis decides to leave the show and give hosting duties to the hilarious Jeffrey Vega, and only an act of divine intervention will stop him. It’s time to talk the ultimate cameo, the Zack & Cody-verse, and 2004’s ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. “Tom Hanks has more money than I … — This week TomHanksgiving jumps the shark as we talk Hanks on HAPPY DAYS, season 10 episode 05: A Little Case Of Revenge. With special guests Andy Greene and Jon Marquis! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Andy Greene – @wanderinggreene Gossip Guys – @gossipguyspod Gossip Guys Podc… — Resident RomCom Guru Samantha Garrison returns to discuss forbidden love and cringe humor with 1986’s EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Samantha Garrison – @samijane613 Fear The Chick Flick @ Film Takeout… — Beyond School creator Elliot Campos returns for Tom Hanks at his most miscast in FALLEN ANGELS: I’LL BE WAITING (S1,E2) Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Elliot Campos – @elliotscampos Beyond School Podcast The… — Gossip Guys co-host Aaron Davitian returns to discuss decaying parents, sexy horse montages and how cool jeeps are in 1986’s NOTHING IN COMMON! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Aaron Davitian – @thewursst Gossip Guys – @gossipguyspod “Rap Song” – SNL Theme Song by Greg Kra… — Today we ask the important question: Does Tom Hanks smoke weed? Elvis and special guest Mitch celebrate a very late 4/20 with Hank’s scene-stealing stoner in TAXI season 4, episode 23: The Road Not Taken. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskaboom Mitchell Bisschop – @deanwinkleson Theme Song … — This week Elvis is joined by America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Brittany Ashley to discuss 1989’s Turner & Hooch. Is Hooch the best dog actor in cinema history? Is this Hanks’ most powerful performance? How many Buffy tangents will there be? Listen and find out! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh… — We’re back! Elvis is joined by the amazing Andy Greene to discuss 2017’s brand new techno-thriller THE CIRCLE starring Emma Watson, John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Bill Paxton, Patton Oswald, and of course Tom Hanks! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Andy Greene – @wanderinggreene Gos… — This week we celebrate our 50th episode with special guests Samantha Garrison and Bryan Dressel to discuss 1994’s FORREST GUMP – is it a masterpiece or a malevolent mess? Maybe it’s both? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Samantha Garrison – @samijane613 Bryan Dressel – @whybry… — Houston… we have a podcast. This week we talk with Ben Shearn about APOLLO 13, the function of character arcs, white washing history, and the origins of Netflix. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Ben Shearn – @actorsupset (No fair-weather followers, please.) filmbybenjaminshearn.c… — This week we are joined by BuzzFeed’s Chloe Zak to kick off Gary Sineaster with The Green Mile for a discussion of the death penalty, Alzheimer’s, pee dreams, and the best Hanks sex scene ever put to screen. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Chloe Zak – @chloezak Chloe on Face… — A week after the election, it’s time to get blitzed on vanilla extract with Aaron Davitian and talk Hanks’s stint on FAMILY TIES. We cover “The Fugitive” Parts 1 & 2 (Season 1, Episodes 14 & 15) and “Say Uncle” (Season 2, Episode 14.) Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Aaron Davi… — This week I force my guest Arlill Rodriguez of the Random Chatterings Podcast to talk politics as we look at the black sheep of the Pixar dynasty, CARS. Make Radiator Springs Great Again! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Arlill Rodriguez – @HHowardson Random Chatterings Podcast – @ra… — Happy Hanksoween! This week we talk INFERNO, the 3rd new Hanks film to come out this fall. Surely, this will be the one we love. Right? …Right? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Andy Greene – @wanderinggreene Gossip Guys – @gossipguyspod Theme Song by Greg Krajewski – @gregorjk Ema… — This week we face off against horrendous green screen, Hanks speedos, and masturbating popes in ANGELS & DEMONS! Special guest Andy Greene joins for part 1 of our 2-part Hanks-o-ween special to celebrate the release of INFERNO. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Andy Greene … — To celebrate Tom Hanks’ recent appearance on SNL, Elvis records a bonus mini-episode in his car to pontificate a bit about the show and his many appearances. LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S TOMHANKSGIVING! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Theme Song by Greg Krajewski – @gregorjk Email- tomha… — Special Guest Karen Du comes on the show to talk about childhood nostalgia, Power Rangers, and the bizarre melodrama of 1992’s Radio Flyer. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Karen Du – @karendufus Karen’s Instagram – @karendufus Theme Song by Greg Krajewski – @grego… — Elvis and Ali Vingiano agree that baseball is boring, but this movie is a masterpiece! We talk 1992’s A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, and discuss feminism, dueling Jon Lovitz impressions, and the invention of the YouTube comments section. There’s no crying in podcasts! Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis… — This week BuzzFeed Video Producer Henry Loevner returns to discuss 2011’s impossibly bland LARRY CROWNE, and to solve the mystery: Does Tom Hanks watch porn? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Watch Henry’s video “More Than Friends” on BuzzFeed Yellow! -… — Andy Greene returns for another edition of TOMHANKSGIVING IN TRAFFIC as we discuss Meg Ryan’s directorial debut ITHACA. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Andy Greene – @wanderinggreene Gossip Guys – @gossipguyspod Theme Song by Greg Krajewski – @gregorjk Email-… — 15 years after, Tom Hanks Truthers Elvis Kunesh and Tyler Williams take a look at the movie that came 10 years after 9/11. This week it’s Sanda Bullock praise, weird Nazi grandpas, and inexplicable John Goodman in EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elv… — We return from our summer hiatus with Clint Eastwood’s SULLY. The movie’s opening weekend box office made a splash, but does this movie ever get off the ground? (No, no it doesn’t.) With special guest Julian Terry. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Julian Terry – @julianmovies (Insta… — And now for something completely different — The Simpsons Movie! This time Elvis is joined by comedy genie Minhdzuy Khorami of Geek & Sundry and Mudville Comedy to discuss the greatest Hanks cameo of all time. PLUS: A mind-blowing Simpsons theory about how the real Homer has been replaced wi… — This week Elvis is joined by Bryan Dressel of the After The Hype podcast to discuss 1996’s THAT THING YOU DO! Is this the bright start of a directing career, or is Hanks himself a one-hit wonder? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Bryan Dressel – @whybryanwhy After The Hype –… —Howdy boys and ghouls! This week on TomSHANKSgiving, Tom Hanks takes a STAB at directing in TALES FROM THE CRYPT: None But The Lonely Heart. With special ghosts Jenny Lorenzo and George Kaplan! Follow us – @tomhankspod Hellvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Jenny Gorenzo – T: @jennizzles IG: @jennizz… Spotted, the Gossip Guys podcast joins Elvis to discuss Brian De Palma’s 1990 film Bonfire Of The Vanities. Is this movie a disaster, or a brilliant satire ahead of it’s time? Either way, it would make for a great HBO series. xoxo, -Peter Fallow Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elv… In the most controversial TomHanksgiving yet, special guest Kevin McShane loves Bachelor Party… but Elvis hates it! Is this a comedy classic or the worst Hanks movie ever? Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh Kevin McShane – @kmcshane Kevin’s Website – BuzzFeed Ke… To celebrate the release of Finding Dory, we look back at the first Disney-Pixar sequel TOY STORY 2. Special Guest and Voice Actor SungWon Cho returns to discuss sequels, crying in movies, and the problem with Buzz Lightyear. Follow us – @tomhankspod Elvis Kunesh – @elviskunesh SungWon Cho – @prozdkp…
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