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Welcome to Brand Aid, where we talk branding with some of the biggest names in business. Griffin Johnson is not only one of the most influential creators in the world, he's also an entrepreneur, an investor and on his way to becoming the biggest host in the social media world. Tom Ward writes for Forbes about social media influencers and also host a YouTube channel, The Tom Ward Show, where he interviews the biggest influencers in the world. Together they break down what makes a brand succee ...
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Matt Mazzeo went from an agent, at one of the biggest agencies in Hollywood, to the investment world. And he's been extremely successful at both. He gives amazing advice on how to connect with industry leaders, how to work a side hustle and how to follow your passion and turn it into a career.
Marc Randolph is the co-founder of Netflix and he's also a serial entrepreneur founding more than a half a dozen successful startups over the last four decades. He's an author, a coach, an investor, and most recently a podcaster. We talked about entrepreneurship, investing and how you can start your business at any age. Check out Marc's site where …
Reed Dickens went from being George W. Bush's assistant press secretary, to co-founding Marucci Sports in 2009. They make bats that are used by more Major League Baseball players than anyone else. How the hell did he end up in the baseball bat business and how did he become so successful? Find out that and more in this informative, and definitely e…
David has a ridiculous resume! He's CEO of Campus Apartments, founder of FS investments and Lead Director of Wheels Up, plus investor in several cool startups which well talk about. He takes us on his entrepreneurial journey and teaches us how to start our own.
Miles Rogers is the Chief Strategy Officer for Wheels Up, a private membership based private plane company. Think Uber for planes! He gives us a ton of advice on entrepreneurship, branding and strategy that we can all apply to our businesses.
Dorie Clark is the foremost authority on personal branding. The New York Times called her, "An expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives." We talked about how to rebrand yourself, what steps to take and how you can start monetizing.
Bethenny Frankel was the first reality star to launch a successful brand. She took her Skinnygirl brand and grew it into a global powerhouse. We talked about how she did it, the lessons she's learned and what she's doing next.
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