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Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls - Simply Teaching the Bible Simply We exist to see people come to Jesus and grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. You can give from your mobile device by texting CCFF to 555-888 or give online at: https://ccfergusfalls.com/giving/
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Leviticus 4-5 “The Sin and Trespass Offering”Ch. 4 – The Sin Offering (v.1-35)Ch. 5 – The Trespass Offering (v.1-19)โดย Tim Molter
Book of Leviticus Outline:Chapters 1–7 Personal offerings Chapters 8–10 Priesthood dedication Chapters 11–16 Prescriptions of purity Chapters 17-27 Practical holinessLeviticus 1 "The Burnt Offering"1. The domesticated animal offering (v.1-2)2. The bull and atonement offering (v.3-9)3. The flock and bird offerings (v.10-17)…
Exodus 40 “The Tabernacle Completed”1. The Tabernacle and Jesus (v.1-15)2. Obedience to the Lord (v.16-33)3. The cloud and the glory (v.34-38)โดย Tim Molter
Exodus 39 “The Priestly Garments”1. Making the Ephod (Robe) (v.1-7)2. Making the Breastplate (v.8-21)3. Other Priestly Garments (v.22-31)4. The Work Completed (v.32-43)โดย Tim Molter
Exodus 38 “Building the Tabernacle Courtyard”1. Making the Altar of Burnt Offering (v.1-7)2. Making the Bronze Washing Basin (v.8)3. Making the Court of the Tabernacle (v.9-20)4. Materials of the Tabernacle (v.21-31)โดย Tim Molter
Exodus 37 “Building the Tabernacle Sanctuary”1. Making the Ark of the Testimony (v.1-9)2. Making the Table for the Showbread (v.10-16)3. Making the Gold Lampstand (v.17-24)4. Making the Altar of Incense and Anointing Oil (v.25-29)โดย Tim Molter
Exodus 36 “Where God Guides, God Provides”1. Empowered with wisdom and insight (v.1)2. The people give more than enough (v.2-7)3. Building the Tabernacle together (v.8-38)โดย Tim Molter
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