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Teenagers With Attitude

Teenagers With Attitude

Teenagers with attitude is a Power Rangers rewatch podcast where a bunch of adults rewatch every episode of the hit kids show and recap every crazy, insane, and occasionally hilarious and awesome thing that happens. We discuss every episode and crack jokes, create weird fan theories, and generally wallow in 90's nostalgia every Friday! Check us out on Twitter @TeensWithTude and give us a like/subscribe/rate on iTunes, shoot us an email at TeensWithTude@gmail.com, or join our facebook group a ...
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Zack, Emily and Luke try to lock down if Leo is fun stupid or bad stupid. What exactly is his Himbo quotient? Also whats really the big deal about locking up a huge cage of guns? Also Kendrix just wants that dick SO bad you guys, its wild.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Surprise! We took some time to discuss Sonic 2 while it’s at least relatively timely! We talk about the new additions to the cast of Knuckles (Idris Elba) and Tails (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) and most importantly, Randall (Shemar Moore), talk about what does and doesn’t work, and the future of the Sonic Cinematic Universe. We also talk about what it …
This week we make a Gingaman Galleon stop and then figure out what the “normal” episodes of Lost Galaxy are going to look like and the answer is: its still gonna be pretty fuckin weird! We meet the “Zords” this week and discuss how sound works in space, and talk about how this season just doesn’t seem interested in explaining things like why Leo is…
Hey everyone, Mike’s here! Thankfully they didn’t die as horribly as Power Rangers Mike, because holy shit! We continue to discuss the weird status quo, talk about how absolutely brutal Mike getting merced is, and are introduced to Damon, the true hero of the show, who had a truly incredibly bad day to end all bad days!…
WELCOME to this, the first episode of Lost Galaxy! Its a brand new era, and we mean NEW, the show feels different and we are pumped. We meet our crew, we meet Leo’s incredible shirt, and we try to figure out what the HELL the status quo is of the power rangers world directly after the finale of In Space. We’ll miss you Skull!…
We take a brief breather before we start Lost Galaxy and Eric finishes out this arc of Immortal Ranger as we find out the fates of a lot of our favorite characters! Thank you for your patience as we prepare to embark on our journey in the Terra Venture!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
This is it y’all! Our best ofs for the entire Zordon Era! We cover: Best Villain Best General Best Mook Best 6th Ranger Best Ranger And more! Thank you once again to all of you for sticking with us through this journey and we can’t wait to share our journey into the unknown Lost Galaxy with you!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
The In-Space Tudies are here, and we discuss some of the WORST of the year, but also talk about some of the ways in which the show has been sidestepping the absolute worst parts of Power Rangers. Some topics of our dislike: Dark Specter (except for Fabby), Zordon and the Z wave, and our boy Andros. We also talk a LOT about Ninjor. Who is up for no …
Hello everyone, its time for the In Space/2021 Teenies! Finally! We reminisce on the fact that this season does have a TON of really great episodes and moments, and really, truly, how much we love Zhane, Waspicable, and Silvy. But MOSTLY Zhane.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Thank you everyone for taking this journey with us. 6 Seasons in the book. And we don’t… LOVE this episode. Hey is Zordon space racist? HEY ARE BULK AND SKULL THE ONLY GOOD PARTS?! Luke joins us we we all bash on a fan favorite but do pick out the stuff we love! Fuck Andros, we out!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Happy Valentines everyone! Fabby is joined by her partner Marie for some Transformers History: The original animated movie! Its altitude! They’re in Space! That’s UP, technically!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
We’re here. We’re at part one of the finale. And Zordon did poop in the tube, yes. Mike joins us and has some catch up thoughts, we discuss Tommy vs Andros, we get a confirmation about Zhane, we still don’t understand space in PR, and most importantly, we talk about what would happen if Zack got Isekai’d…
The final monster of the week before the Zordon Era ends is:: A car! We talk about the goofiness and tension the episode manages but also the frustrations we’ve had with the season as a whole, give some early thoughts on rankings, and talk about the horrific body modifications Andros is going through, and also that he has boobs! Also Fabby discusse…
We are nearing the end of Power Rangers In Space and its time to remember one of the most important aspects of Power Rangers that has gone unremarked on for too long: Alpha is a Little Stinker. Also, Zack talks about his disappointments with the PR TTRPG, and we still hate the battleizer.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
We discuss the horniness of Gulliver’s Travels as we wrap up the movie, Zack’s disappointment with Archer, Luke gets lost in an internet hole, the movie throws away its message in the last 2 minutes, and we all really really fuckin hate Insaniac.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Welcome to Episode 300! Fabby and Emily Join Zack as we debate one of the hottest topics of our time: What the fuck is this little puppet guy and what does he have to do with the reproductive process of the Lamprey? Plus, a surprise from our editor Eric and you, the listeners!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
A reading challenge for Eric as we visit the Aquetian Embassy and talk to ex-ranger BIlly Cranston! Apologies for the rocky schedule friends, and we hope you are enjoying the holiday season. New normal episodes will resume as soon as we are able! Also: If you’d like your voice to be featured in episode 300, please contact Eric @damoonrulz on twitte…
The conclusion of the Psycho Ranger saga is here! Zack complains its not as good as the Sentai, we talk about FATE, we get some updated news on the future of Power Rangers at Netflix, and we create better properties than Hasbro ever will!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Surprise! Our epic tale continues thanks to editor Eric’s tireless efforts. And thanks to YOUR tireless efforts, we raised 1850 dollars for Extra Life! Thank you so much! And if you missed our marathon you can still donate at bit.ly/aeextralife !โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Its “Oops all TJs” As we discuss morphin grid mechanics, TJ being the better leader, missed opportunities for ranger chemistry, and the truth about Sad Lonely Boy Zhane. Also Extra Life 2021 starts Today, November 5th at 7 EST on twitch.tv/videoentropy, and you should donate to our team at extra-life.org!…
Woo-Wee we haven’t talked about a real barn burner of a problematic episode in a bit! This one has uncomfortable racial and gender politics out the ass, so buckle up! The good news is we learn about what bone goggles are! I dunno, maybe skip this one!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Join us for what starts off like an old school MMPR episode and takes one of the weirder turns we’ve seen in a while! Also, Carlos simply cannot stand that a little girl beat him at video games.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Sometimes you just have a really, really in depth discussion on the nature of good and evil in your power rangers podcast. Also sometimes your villain drops something so insane you cannot help but laugh at it!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Hey putty patrollers! With things continuing to be crazy, Zack and his wife Adrienne decided to do an impromptu discussion about what it’s like to live with a Ranger Fan, being on the other side of having an obsession, and Zack surprises her with a Power Rangers Knowledge Quiz!โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Carlos has a crisis of confidence and Adam returns to help him shake the yips. Also, Continuity! A rare non-teamup teamup episode thats a lot of fun and also makes us sad about there being less martial arts in the show than there used to be.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Our friends Lucas and Jordan join Zack and Simon to discuss Astronema and Zhane thirsting for each other?!? This weird plot choice leads to one of the most fun episodes in a while and some of the funniest Astronema acting on record, and a little more appreciation for Zhane on our end.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
Its time for some hetero nonsense as two of the most wooden actors in the franchise fight over Ashley… or do they? Mike hosts as they try to get to the bottom of what the hell Zhane and Andros’ deals are.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
We get another evil ranger episode but this time we get Good Villain? This episode has some intentionally good comedy, stupid future technology, and Simon really really likes one fairly dubious joke.โดย Teenagers With Attitude
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