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In 1983, keyboardist Tony Banks stepped out of his comfort zone to sing lead vocals on his second solo album, “The Fugitive.” Was this experiment a success? The Tabletop weighs in with the help of two special guests, writers (and longtime Genesis fans) Antony Johnston and Al Melchior.โดย Tabletop Genesis
Hearts around the Tabletop are going boom, boom, boom as the members dive deep into Peter Gabriel’s debut solo album. The 1977 release finds the former Genesis frontman exploring a variety of musical landscapes, from grandiose epics and straight up rock to blues/jazz and barbershop quartet. Excuse me??…
As 2020 becomes just another fading memory (thank God!), the Tabletop reflects on the past year, looks ahead to 2021, and shares news about exciting changes happening around the table.โดย Tabletop Genesis
Holy Mother of God! Though many thought Peter Gabriel’s departure in 1975 signaled the end of Genesis, the remaining members—with drummer Phil Collins taking on lead vocals—proved them wrong with 1976’s “A Trick of the Tail,” their biggest selling album up to that point. The Tabletop discusses this pivotal album, which has aged a lot better than th…
As a founding member of Genesis, Anthony Phillips was considered to be the driving force in the early days, and his departure almost ended the band. He has since created a wealth of solo material, and in this episode the Tabletop discusses his 1978 sophomore effort, “Wise After The Event.”โดย Tabletop Genesis
Members of the Tabletop react to the news of “The Last Domino?” tour, Genesis’ first outing in 13 years. Which old songs might they revisit? Can Nic Collins fill Phil’s shoes? Will they come to the U.S.? The members discuss these questions and more!โดย Tabletop Genesis
A very special Tabletop Genesis episode, where your erstwhile host, Mike Lord, reflects on his attendance at the 2019 Phil Collins and Steve Hackett shows. Plus, he takes questions from the teeming masses on Twitter! What could be better?โดย Tabletop Genesis
In Part One of their discussion of 1974’s “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” the Tabletop joined Rael as his journey took him from the streets of Manhattan to a chamber of 32 doors. In this episode, the group explores sides three and four of the epic concept album; will Rael ultimately flee to safety … or stay behind to help his brother John? Spoile…
The Tabletop descends upon Manhattan as they follow Rael on his epic journey as told in the 1974 concept album, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.” This episode covers sides one and two of the Genesis masterpiece, which would prove to be Peter Gabriel’s last with the band.โดย Tabletop Genesis
In part two of our interview with Richard Macphail, the former Genesis road manager shares more stories from his time with the band and reveals his favorite tracks from each of their albums.โดย Tabletop Genesis
The Tabletop drops the needle on the first live album from Genesis, a fantastic five-song (and one unaccompanied bass pedal solo) snapshot of the group in top form during the 1973 Foxtrot tour.โดย Tabletop Genesis
Hi there! Don’t give up, because the Tabletop is back with a new episode in which they say anything about Peter Gabriel’s smash 1986 album, “So.” Open up your ears (and fruit cages) and have a listen!โดย Tabletop Genesis
Though Genesis dedicated their first live album to a friend “who left April, 1973,” Richard Macphail tells the Tabletop that reports of his death were grossly exaggerated. In a lively sit-down interview, the unofficial sixth member of early Genesis reminisces about his lasting friendship with the band and shares stories from his memoir, “My Book of…
We’re waiting for you, come and join us now … as we look back on Genesis’ 1969 debut album, “From Genesis to Revelation.” No need to hang out in limbo when you can follow the members of the Tabletop to the land where the rainbow ends …โดย Tabletop Genesis
Called the “only irreplaceable member of Genesis” by manager Tony Smith, founding member Tony Banks has created countless chord sequences that have made up the soundtrack to the lives of Genesis fans everywhere. In our interview with the legend, Tony looks back on Genesis, his solo projects, and his most recent work in the orchestral music world.…
Genesis’ tour de force 1977 live album Seconds Out is revisited, this time with the Tabletop giving the masterpiece its deserved track-by-track breakdown. Plus, which version of Supper’s Ready do fans prefer: Peter’s Foxtrot or Phil’s Seconds Out? The results of the listener poll are revealed!โดย Tabletop Genesis
Take a little trip back with the Tabletop as they embark on the musical journey that is 1973’s Selling England by the Pound. Wimpy dreams, undinal songs, and east-end protection rights are explored in depth, and Steve Hackett shares his track-by-track memories of this iconic Genesis album.โดย Tabletop Genesis
Drummer Jerry Marotta joins the Tabletop for a lively discussion about everything from his work with Peter Gabriel, to how the dreaded “Disco Duck” stood in his way of #1! Plus, find out how you can catch him performing classic Gabriel (and Genesis!) tunes on the latest Security Project tour.โดย Tabletop Genesis
And then there were two: Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks faced some uncertain weather when they set out to prove there was Genesis after Phil Collins with 1997’s “Calling All Stations.” Did the addition of Ray Wilson on vocals satisfy fans, or did the whole endeavor leave them feeling … shipwrecked? The members of the tabletop discuss!…
Members of the Tabletop join Genesis founding member Anthony Phillips around his table for some tea and a discussion about his solo career, 5.1 reissues, Spinal Tap, his current projects, and more.โดย Tabletop Genesis
At the end of the day, sit back, pour yourself a cup of moonshine, and enjoy the Tabletop’s take on Mike Rutherford’s first solo outing, 1980’s “Smallcreep’s Day.”โดย Tabletop Genesis
From the “how much more black could it be?” cover of From Genesis to Revelation to the ectoplasmic font of Calling All Stations, the members of the Tabletop put their spin on the album artwork of Genesis. Plus, we’re counting down the Top 10 Genesis Album Covers as chosen by you, the listeners! [Note: the giveaway mentioned in the episode has now e…
In this special holiday episode, guitarist/songwriter extraordinaire Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Dethklok, and many more) discusses his passion for the music of Genesis. Mike touches on all aspects of his fandom, from how he first discovered the band and drawing The Lamb cover from memory, to creating his own custom Ant Phillips playl…
There’s an extra chair around the Tabletop as Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales joins the group to go behind the lines of Genesis’ 1980 masterpiece, “Duke.” Check out Peter’s version of Guide Vocal (and more):โดย Tabletop Genesis
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