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SuperVillain Obituary

SuperVillain Obituary

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Every week Pete & Taylor give one another a movie the other hasn't seen and give their feedback on it, they also bring you the latest news in comics, T.V. shows and updates on the Marvel and D.C. cinematic universes, with casting, rumored plots and future films! They also touch on video games with Pete's 'Tech talk' section, covering Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox! (Sorry guys, no PC related news) You can find all the episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes, iHeartradio, Spotify, Youtube, Stitcher, P ...
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This is the final episode for SuperVillain Obituary! We love all of you, thank you for listening and all that good stuff. This episode we talk about 'Black Adam', 'Disenchanted' and the first couple episodes of 'Willow'!Thank you for listening!You can follow the guys on social…
This is the second to last episode of SuperVillain Obituary! This week Pete and Taylor talk about 'Smile', 'Amsterdam' and Spirited! Spoiler, Taylor hates his horror movies, and still doesn't throughly enjoy musicals. Where does he stand on anything?!Thank you for listening!You can follow the guys on social…
Episode 129! This week Pete and Taylor discuss 'Blockbuster' the Netflix series. 'The Fighter' starring Mark Walhberg and Christian Bale and 'Don't Worry Darling' the Florence Pugh and Harry Styles!Thank you for listening!You can follow the guys on social …
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