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Superintendent Transitions Podcast is a weekly education podcast dedicated to empowering superintendents and education leadership with up to date advice, educational technology trends, legislation. Each week, Kayla Solinsky will interview virtual education leaders, creative thinkers, and experts in a way that will get you thinking about how to improve your own district.
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Chad Allen is the *new* superintendent at The Club at Chatham Hills, but that promotion is one of just three turf fantasies come to life discussed in this episode. Chad also details a great start to the year that has included a multi-day trip to a top-100 facility and a weeklong volunteer run he calls Turfheads Fantasy Camp.…
Steven Ball is the director of agronomy at Ballyhack. The course his team maintains is in Virginia, where the weather can be erratic. Steven describes how his team produces high-quality bentgrass playing surfaces at a fabulous club in his home state.โดย GCI Staff
Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., returns to the podcast to discuss the beloved outgoing superintendent at his local municipal course, the incoming successor, and the *magic* that municipal superintendents seem to manage every season.โดย GCI Staff
After more than six decades in carpentry, 84-year-old identical twins Ron and Don Wenzel are finally retired ... and working on the maintenance crew at Oneka Ridge Golf Course in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. What do they think of turf life? What do the two trades have in common? And how long can they keep going?…
From Chicago to New England, Guy visits a few courses with extensive histories, inspiring superintendents and promising futures. Matt interjects some Chicago and New England trivia along the way.โดย GCI Staff
Bunker renovations, restorations, enhancements, improvements. Whatever you want to call them, there’s plenty to consider. We turn to a pair of architects who work with a variety of facilities for bunker-related answers.โดย GCI Staff
For the last four years, Paul Sermersheim has been the superintendent at Danville Country Club in Illinois — the same course where he started his turf career in the 1980s. But for more than 25 years, he volunteered in Panama and Mexico, worked for Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. His is an incredible story.…
Trent celebrates the one-year anniversary of his podcast by chatting with Glens Falls (New York) Country Club equipment manager Brandon Hoag about the transition from the fabrication business to the turf industry, the outdoors and cat psychics.โดย GCI Staff
During 13 years in the turf industry, Lauren Lasocha has traveled from her home in Vancouver, to Australia, back to Vancouver, to Massachusetts, and now to Bel-Air Country Club, where she is the senior agronomist.โดย GCI Staff
Chris Michaelson of Oneka Ridge Golf Course in Minnesota is an enthusiastic enough outdoorsman to make his own arrows — and, soon, his own bows. What are the meditative overlaps between bows, arrows and agronomy?โดย GCI Staff
More than three decades at the same job … and still relishing every minute of it. Gary Bogdanski tells Trent why working at The Sharon Golf Club is an equipment technician’s dream. Plus, plenty of sage advice from somebody who is always willing to help others.โดย GCI Staff
Our February cover package includes three stories about how Gen Z workers can help the industry — and already are helping us. Matt Gourlay of Colbert Hills discusses the turf pro perspective, and Brentsville District High School seniors Barrett Butler and Franco Allegro provide a student update.โดย GCI Staff
Tripp and Bill join us from the road. Tom joins us from an office receiving an abundance of phone calls. Three architects describe how they are handling the frenzy of design and construction activity. They also help you prepare for when your bosses tell you it’s time to pursue big work.โดย GCI Staff
Reno Aces head groundskeeper Leah Withrow takes some time after the SFMA Conference and Exhibition in Savannah to talk about her cap collection, her shop cat, and how she uses TikTok to shine a light on the field and recruit for her crew.โดย GCI Staff
The debut episode of Reel Turf Techs on Superintendent Radio Network features Trent’s terrific conversation with Buckinghamshire Golf Club equipment technician James Wilkinson. The pair also offers practical guidance for enhancing the relationship between equipment technicians and equipment operators.…
Game Plan columnist Henry DeLozier helps us wrap up the first season of More Than Turf with a fantastic conversation about how superintendents and other turf pros can improve their leadership skills.โดย GCI Staff
Jan Bel Jan and Forrest Richardson put the life, career and work of Marion Hollins into context as the golf development pioneer approaches an overdue and posthumous induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame.โดย GCI Staff
A short course with a big history. Inspiration in Lake Charles. Fun visits in the Big Easy. Guy and Matt continue their miniseries about golf in the Deep South. Plus, a ‘guest listener’ makes Guy issue an apology to Matt.โดย GCI Staff
Matt and Guy are reunited in the studio after Guy’s journey to Mississippi and Louisiana. We “ring in” a two-part episode about the trip by discussing the courses, people and growing environments in southern Mississippi.โดย GCI Staff
A happy birthday to Steve Whitaker, who has lived a life ... from music producer, to firefighter, to assistant superintendent at WildeWood Club in South Carolina. He also has the nicest lawn in the neighborhood.โดย GCI Staff
Owner Greg McKush and architect Paul Miller join the podcast to discuss their extensive renovation of Montgomery National GC in Minnesota, and America's Greenkeeper Matthew Wharton turns his eyes to the new look of a beloved old favorite.โดย GCI Staff
Trey Kemp (@TreyKempGCA) is a Texan who achieved a big career goal earlier this year by being elected to join the American Society of Golf Course Architects. He describes what happens when a bunch of golf course architects get in the same room and how somebody who learned the game on a 9-hole course has seen and improved a bunch of courses in his n…
What a year for Kel Rensel, who has gone from *not* working games for the Single-A Great Lakes Loons thanks to the pandemic shutting down Minor League Baseball, to keeping the field in shape for the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons and the Major League Toronto Blue Jays this season. He talks about that, and also about his lifelong love of Marvel.…
Guy returns from a hometown trip through Pittsburgh and visits to Bob O'Connor GC at Schenley Park, Chartiers CC and Sewickley Heights GC, plus he recaps a few days at the ASGCA Annual Meeting in Cleveland and he and Matt discuss the value of promoting yourself and your work.โดย GCI Staff
An accomplished player, LeeAnn Lewis has qualified for 19 USGA championships. She is also the former greens chair and current president of Southward Ho Country Club, an A.W. Tillinghast design on Long Island.โดย GCI Staff
Jack Gleckler calls up Kyle Macdonald and Rob Falconer — who handle Bobby Jones Golf Course outside Atlanta and The Loop at Forest Dunes in Northern Michigan, respectively — to learn more about how to take care of reversible golf courses.โดย GCI Staff
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