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Dick Stockton, one of the preeminent sports broadcasters, has had a unique front-row seat to the major sporting events and sports stories of our time. He has called the shots from the Olympics, World Series, NBA Finals and a wide range of historic sports moments for CBS, NBC, Fox and Turner. He has interviewed and gotten to know the greats and other personalities in ways that transcend what the average fan sees and hears. Now he takes his insider knowledge, opinions, storytelling and golden ...
This book presents a number of short, comedic sketches of a country life in middle America in the late 1800s. The hilarious twists and turns endear our adorable, naive married couple to the reader; and the orphan servant Pomona – dear, odd, funny Pomona! – is the focus of several of the stories. Imagine a honeymoon in a lunatic asylum, and you’ve got Rudder Grange!
You know Post Malone, now discover Post Stockton, a Utah Jazz Podcast presented by Beehive Sports. Devin Pendleton is as passionate of a fan as you'll find. Alex Whisler provides a realistic outlook on the team. And Hunter Miller - a member of the Jazz Game Night Staff - provides behind the scenes information. The Post Stockton Podcast is your source for everything you need to know about the latest news surrounding the Utah Jazz.
Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts is a non-fiction, rolicking story of the origins of piracy and of the famous pirates of the coasts of the United States. The stories don’t cast pirates in the glowing light of modern day renditions – in Stockton’s stories, pirates are bad guys! – but the dramatic style makes them good fun to read, anyway! (Summary by Sibella Denton)
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