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This week we're talking about Kanye West, getting the sack and running over James Corden. We are also joined by a terrible guest and Dave returns to Stephen Lies Manscaped - Use code - STP20โดย Stephen Tries
This week on the podcast we are getting rid of the worst things in our lives (Not Joe, he's been at the bottom of a river for weeks). We also discuss Messi, prank calls and nobody turning up to our funeral Beer 52:โดย Stephen Tries
This week we discuss the possibility of England winning a game of football. We also talk about terrible nightclub pictures and dirty Matt Hancock Manscaped - Use code: STPโดย Stephen Tries
This week we're getting all embarrassed (no, there wasn't a confident female in the room). We discuss the times that we wanted the world to swallow us up. Beer 52:โดย Stephen Tries
This week we're all putting forward our least favourite people on Earth. We also find out what makes a terrible person (it's not big ears and ginger hair) Manscaped - Use code - STPโดย Stephen Tries
This week we get to the bottom of something big (not my batty) but something even wilder. It's the North vs South debate; who wins, you decide Babbel - Use code: Stephenโดย Stephen Tries
Despite my best efforts, this week's podcast isn't a look back at my sketches. It is in fact a debate on who the greatest comedians of all time are Babbel - Use code: Stephenโดย Stephen Tries
This week we delve deep into what strange things unsettles humans. Whether it's peacocks, aggressive ice cream eaters or Joe Mcgrath...we discuss the lot. BetterHelp -โดย Stephen Tries
Listen up nerds. This week we're travelling far and wide to find the greatest insult known to man & woman. Strap yourselves in because it's going to be a bumpy ride Beer52 - Manscaped - Code STPโดย Stephen Tries
This week we're talking about YouTube, so who better to have on the podcast than William Jennifer Lenney?! Beer 52 - Better Help -โดย Stephen Tries
Ho, ho, ho-ly smokes do we have a great podcast for you. All the gang are back for this Christmas special of the Stephen Tries Podcast. We discuss everything about the big day and we even have a visit from a very special man.โดย Stephen Tries
This week we're uncovering more mysteries. What happened to the Titanic? Who built Stonehenge? And what's the deal with Dave's eye? Manscaped and use code STEPHEN for 20% offโดย Stephen Tries
Your latest fix of podcast entertainment, inject it into your veins! This week we take a walk on the wild side, with some great features and a returning guest! A big thanks to Audio Always for having us Beer 52 -โดย Stephen Tries
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