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Today we talk about Star Trek, Star Wars, and just about anything that came to mind. Thank you to our Sponsor! Trek Central! Go check out the latest news and reviews at their website at I apologize for the fading in and out mic. I hope that you enjoy. If you have any ideas for future episodes you can email us at StarTrekxersize@gma…
Today's episode is another another Star Trek theory that I personally think makes 150% sense. But let me know what you think on Twitter @triptuckerNX and I hope that you enjoy. Also as always live long and Prosper. I also note for future podcasts to maybe read some more. But I hope you enjoy what I consider my first blooper episode in Trekxersize h…
In this episode bill and I will be talking about all things trek from video games to our favor episodes. Kick back and enjoy and be sure to follow Bill if you have not already on Twitter at Trekfan4387โดย Tony Kovalsky
In this episode we will be talkin about And discussing basically everything that I own some toys and props that I love and may want to get in the future--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.โดย Tony Kovalsky
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