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Connecting The Special Needs Community. There is nothing more empowering than confidence and there is no greater need for that empowerment than when raising a child with a disability. Our programs offer support, information and inspiration for those on the special needs journey by offering practical and focused educational parenting programming. Become empowered, become confident, become the best parent and educator you can be.
CiTR -- Student Special

CiTR -- Student Special

CiTR & Discorder Magazine

Textbook (FKA The Student Special Hour) is an eclectic foray into the wonderful world of UBC campus life. Each week features a plethora of student initiatives, upcoming events, and current affairs, brought to you through interviews with clubs, faculty, societies and associations. Listen to this and more brought together in a nice tidy bow by CiTRs very own Student Programming Coordinator. Come on a while ride with us as we sit down each week and bring you news and tunes for campus living. Ph ...
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Andrew Collins-Anderson interviews Dr. Melissa Ward, PhD post-doctoral researcher working out of San Diego State University, and Ryan Hasert, public policy analysis graduate student at Oregon State University. They are part of the research project “Assessing Community Vu...โดย KBOO Community Radio
Hey grrrlies, in this episode we jump into the history of the Riot Grrrl movement, starting in Olympia in the early 90s as a backlash to the male-dominated Punk scene. We play some songs by some women in punk in the 70s who made this all possible: the Slits, X Ray Spex, and Patti Smith. Of course we delve into Kathleen Hanna (happy belated birthday…
Today I'm playing some things that have been on heavy rotation for me the past week: some songs I stole from my sibling's Instagram, some Rolling Stone recs, and some new releases. Also, I did remember that term - UNRELIABLE NARRATOR. Yikes, this "English major" is feeling a bit fraudulent.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
In this fill-in episode, Eva and Jasper are talking about what makes Vancouver's local indie music scene distinctive; upcoming live shows; podcasts; art; and how sometimes you just need to dance in the street to self-soothe.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
LIVE from the Blackbox Theatre at the Roundhouse Community Centre at The Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2021 on October 16. https://www.cacv.ca/vancouver-outsider-arts-festival-2021/ Live musical performances by Rainbows End ~ https://nicerainbowohwaititsgone.bandcamp.com/ Francis Baptiste ~ https://francis-baptiste.bandcamp.com/ thehabeshaman ~ …
Live broadcast from the Portside Pub in Vancouver. LIVE PERFORMANCES ft. Terell Safadi, Shaylen D, Aktu el Shabazz, Massiah, Prado, Freelance Flint, Korodoroy Floyd, Teon Gibbs. COMEDY ft. Mufaro M. DJS ft. Rels, Steeles, Jules Andre Brown.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
This summer, six talented teenagers from the Museum of Anthropology's Native Youth Program learned to podcast at CiTR. Each youth took a unique approach to exploring their Indigenous identity through sound. Hear them share stories from their nations as well as their personal stories in this audio documentary titled, "Where we begin: a collection of…
JJ Johnson brings you a playlist to celebrate the life and legacy of our recently departed, Shaheed Haamid.Shaheed was a pillar and trailblazer in the KBOO Community. His passing is a reminder to us that one person's hope, determination, and vision can shape and inspire a ...โดย KBOO Community Radio
Join KBOO Pioneers Yugen Rashad, Imam Muhammad Najieb, Celeste Carey, and Kevin & Ken Barry as they honor our recently departed brother, Shaheed Haamid, in this round table discussion reflecting on the history of African American's at the station and the paths that were fo...โดย KBOO Community Radio
The Pender Guy radio collective grew out of a wave of Chinese Canadian youth activism in the early 1970s, running their operations from Vancouver’s Chinatown. Airing on Vancouver Co-operative Radio (Co-op Radio), the show explored issues related to Chinese-Canadian identity, history, politics, and art through news reporting, interviews, humour, dra…
On May 25, 2020, George Floyd took his last labored breaths, while Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. What happened that night reverberated around the world. One year later, we reflect on how George Floyd’s death galvanized a racial justice movem...โดย KBOO Community Radio
“Inequality is not created equal,” the civil rights activist and scholar Kimberley Crenshaw once said. Experiences of racial inequality intersect at gender, class, and sexuality; and as such, these identity markers do not exist independently of each other, but rather inform each other. This intergenerational and multigenre panel of writers will sha…
Palestinian residents of Portland and their supporters held a rally and march held May 15th, 2021 in Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland to call for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza, and an end to the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land.The recording...โดย KBOO Community Radio
In this Valentine's-themed Fundrive episode, Kat & Clo answer your questions about long-distance relationships, dating in your 20s, and the challenges of commitment. We also gossip about our favourite shows, chat about representations of relationships in mainstream media, and rant about how easy it is to internalize the patriarchy. We're just two f…
The Homelessness Marathon is a unique radio program that gives homeless people and their allies a chance to speak with the nation about their experiences. Broadcasting from a different city each year, the Marathon features live reports, interviews with advocates and experts...โดย KBOO Community Radio
KBOO is grateful to be a part of Willamette Week’s Give Guide for the 5th year in a row. This year on Giving Tuesday we want to embody the spirit of community giving by using the airwaves to highlight nonprofits featured in this year's Give Guide. KBOO Station Co-manager Ce...โดย KBOO Community Radio
This hour, we feature a special program - a conversation between Marc Lamont Hill, phillip agnew, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor about the ongoing struggle for freedom in the wake of the 2020 election, marking the release of Dr. Hill's urgent new book 'We Still Here: Pandemic,...โดย KBOO Community Radio
Interview and music showcase of solo musician/producer Seven Taviss. He talks about making music during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of putting your mental health first before everything else.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
Special Broadcast for 24 Hours of Student Power! A conversation with Ishmam and Gabby from UBC Social Justice on the housing crisis, the movement to defund the police, organizing during a pandemic, UBC's performative activism, and how to balance being a student with social justice work.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
Special broadcast for 24 Hours of Student Power! Two members of the International Relations Student Association talk about the movement to abolish the police and their own activist work, followed by some music from local artists.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
SchmoozeFest is a panel conversation that took place in March 2018 focusing on the intersection between art and social justice. Panelists touch on topics such as slacktivism, cancel culture, and how to engage reluctant audiences in difficult conversations. The panelists are involved in fantastic organizations and activist work in our community. Che…
A podcast on Britney Spears, mental disability, and suffrage in the United States. Credit: Olivia Dreisinger Podcast Script + Notes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jnKalO7rhYESFnYreHbVut7DFfUGTVLf/view?usp=sharingโดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
Heart of the City Festival presents Literally Virtually Live: Red Jam Slam, an Indigenous music showcase hosted by the Legend of Radio Gunargie O'Sullivan at the Red Gate. Featuring performances by M'Girls, Norine Braun and Alice Fraser, Mz. Shellz and Heyoka, and Sandy Scofield.โดย CiTR & Discorder Magazine
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