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Discussions about the growing freedom movement growing like a flower out of the former garden crushed under the jackboot of tyrannical fascist state governments who were emboldened by the most left wing federal Coalition Government in Australian history. Join Davo as he talks with true blue Aussie heros about their horrific experiences and the highs and lows of coming together to fight for their freedom.
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It's not often you have the opportunity to sit down with a highly intelligent, down to earth, non-woke bloke these days who may well be running the country or state sometime soon but I had just that when speaking with Neil today. It's easy to feel that he is destined for big things. Get the scoop on one of the star candidates that One Nation has fi…
Billy from the Queensland Peoples Protest (QPP) joins Davo again to co-host the show where we discuss running a cafe under Covid tyranny with small business owner Vee. The boys also get down to brass tacks with the Federal Election that is two short weeks away and don't mince words about which politicians want to better our lives and which are ther…
Queensland Peoples' Protest founder William Bay tells a story of passionate peaceful protest and never giving up hope even after politicians seemingly take it from you time after time. Join Davo as he explores William's personal journey and fightback against tyranny.โดย Davo and special guests
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