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Six Figure Authors

Lindsay Buroker

Six Figure Authors is the show that helps you take your writing career to the next level. Lindsay Buroker, Jo Lallo, and Andrea Pearson are sharing their own insights, as authors who’ve been publishing since the beginning of the e-reader revolution, and they’re also interviewing industry experts and other successful authors to help you figure out what’s working right now.
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We’re talking about writer’s block and burnout this week on the show. What are the differences, and, if you’re suffering from lower productivity or being stuck, how do you know which you have? As authors…โดย Lindsay Buroker
If you’re self-publishing, and you have the rights to sell your books/ebooks/audiobooks directly from your site, and you’re not doing so, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. For this week’s…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Happy New Year, everyone! This week, we’re discussing the pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing and who might want to consider which, as well as when it makes sense to look at a…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, the hosts discuss the 1,000 True Fans concept that Kevin Kelly first wrote about in 2008. You can find his original essay here, as well as a more recent update that…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay talk about how much they spent and on what when they launched their self-publishing careers, and they talk about what they invest money into today as well.…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For the week’s show, Jo, Andrea, and Lindsay talked about some of their challenges when it comes to book marketing and where they’re going to focus their efforts in 2022. After more than ten years…โดย Lindsay Buroker
As the year comes to an end, we’re doing a few episodes focused on helping you get your author business off to a good (and profitable) start in the new year. On this week’s show,…โดย Lindsay Buroker
It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, so Lindsay, Andrea, and Jo just did a short “for fun” show this week. We give some tongue-in-cheek advice on how to make sure your novel bombs (that’s…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, Jo, Andrea, and Lindsay discuss characters, book openings, pacing, and other writing craft choices that can help or hurt your book sales. Are you turning off potential readers in your opening…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, Lindsay and Jo talked about the successes and failures they’ve had over the last ten-plus years of indie publishing. After that, they discussed some of the challenges they’re facing in the…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Jo, Andrea, and Lindsay talk about book and ebook pricing and whether it might be time for prices to go up. Before that, Lindsay shares what it takes to get one…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay shared what each of them would do if they were new authors starting from scratch today with the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over their ten-plus-year publishing…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, Jo and Andrea took the reins while Lindsay scowled at her broken internet. They interviewed six-figure romance novelist Theodora Taylor and talked about finding success through appealing to “universal fantasy,” Facebook…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For today’s show, Jo, Lindsay, and Andrea shared some of the struggles they’re dealing with ten+ years into their author careers. They also answered struggles you’re dealing with (as submitted by listeners in the Six…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, we were joined by Mark Leslie Lefebvre, author, podcaster, and Director of Business Development at Draft2Digital. He and Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn recently published The Relaxed Author, a book…โดย Lindsay Buroker
As a follow-up to Episode 98 (Do Authors Need to Advertise and Where and How Much Should They Spend?), we did our best to answer some of the questions on advertising that our listeners asked…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur joined us to discuss the new A-plus Amazon content now available to authors publishing through the KDP dashboard, as well as keywords and categories and how they…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, successful romantic suspense author Cami Checketts joins the guys. A USA Today bestseller and award winner, Cami has published over one hundred books. She was not an overnight success but wrote…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay talk a bit about whether authors need to pay to advertise in 2021, how much they spend on ads, where they advertise, and what to do if…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Jo, Lindsay, and Andrea are back from their summer hiatus! On this week’s show, they discuss what to do if you’re an author with a few (or more) books or series out, but you’re not…โดย Lindsay Buroker
A Youtube live question and answer session in which Lindsay, Jo, and Andrea answer questions about publishing, marketing, and more. Original livestream Aug 12, 2021โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, we tackle the question of what passive income is and how it can relate to authors. Specifically, as authors with more than ten years of publishing experience each, we talk about…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay are joined by full-time author and regular poster in the Six Figure Authors Facebook group, Shawn Inmon. Writer of time travel and portal fantasy, Shawn first broke…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay went over some common mistakes that newer authors often make. And plenty of experienced authors get wrapped up in some of these too. If you’re struggling to…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For all of you with audiobooks, or thinking about creating audiobooks, you’ll enjoy hearing from this week’s guest: Victoria Gerken, Publisher and Head of Acquisitions at Podium Audio. We asked her about trends in audiobooks,…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Your two hardcore introvert authors, Jo Lallo and Lindsay Buroker, discuss ways to market that won’t force you too far from your introvert tendencies but that can also sell books. (Note: this is not a…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, Jo and Lindsay talk a bit about Lindsay’s recent epic fantasy launch, Jo’s plans for his upcoming launch, and then jump into a big pile of listener questions from the Six…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Our guest this week is successful romance author Victorine Lieske. She self-published her first book, Not What She Seems, in April of 2010. In March of 2011, Not What She Seems began its 6 week…โดย Lindsay Buroker
We’re going back to the basics this week and talking about how to grow your audience as an author. Whether you’re new to the biz, or have been publishing for twenty years, chances are you…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Andrea, Jo, and Lindsay have all been publishing for more than ten years and have been full-time authors for much of that time. In this week’s show, they start out sharing their paths and how…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, we’re talking all about bonus content, the extra short things you can write that can lead to more book sales — if you do it right. We’ve written a lot of…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Our guest this week is the prolific science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction author Chris Fox. He’s known in the author community for his Write Faster, Write Smarter series, and has spoken all over the country…โดย Lindsay Buroker
This week, the hosts discuss their book launch checklists, such as download bonuses, book covers, editing, newsletter and social media announcements, and other things that help them stay focused and get the ball rolling for…โดย Lindsay Buroker
In Episode 80, we went over some of the pros and cons of going exclusive with Amazon for ebook publishing versus opting out of that program and making your ebooks available in all stores. For…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, the hosts talk to Damon Courtney from Bookfunnel about making more money while giving readers a better deal. How? By selling ebooks and audiobooks direct from your site/newsletter. We also asked…โดย Lindsay Buroker
If you’ve ever wanted to see your book translated into a foreign language and to make a little extra money by selling the foreign language rights to overseas publishers, you’ll appreciate this week’s guest. Judith…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, we talked about going exclusive with Amazon to be in Kindle Unlimited and get their other promotional perks versus choosing to make your work available in all the bookstores. We talked…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, we answered some of the questions you’ve given us in the Six Figure Authors Facebook group. These ranged from how to handle forced breaks, things we can offer newsletter subscribers other…โดย Lindsay Buroker
This week, we talked about several things that are important for long-term success as an author/publisher. As indie authors, having a marathon mindset is vital if we plan to be successful at this in five,…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, the three of us picked some of the book marketing tactics we’ve tried over the years and that ended up being duds for us. We thought this might be useful for…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Our guest for this week’s show is Joe Solari, an author, entrepreneur, and business consultant for authors. He’s written the books Should I Incorporate? Author Edition: How and when to set up your publishing company,…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, we started out discussing some of the predications that Mark Coker of Smashwords made in his beginning-of-the-year post: 2021 Publishing Predictions – Pandemic Reshapes Publishing, Accelerates Consolidation. After that, we moved…โดย Lindsay Buroker
For this week’s show, which we recorded right before the end of the year, we took a look at what worked and what didn’t for authors and publishers in 2020. We also discussed some of…โดย Lindsay Buroker
We had a lot of listener questions that we didn’t get to in the first Selling Hard-to-Categorize Books That Aren’t Written to Market show, so we’re back for part 2, and it’s all about answering…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Our guest this week is publishing consultant and author Jane Friedman. With twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, she has expertise in digital media strategies for authors and publishers. She’s the co-founder and…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Very few authors think of writing “to market” or “to trope” with their first book/series. They’re just writing what they love! Sometimes, that ends up being popular with readers, but sometimes you end up with…โดย Lindsay Buroker
On this week’s show, we talked about the Gartner Hype Cycle as a framework to think about where we are with ebooks, audiobooks, and the up-and-coming technologies that may become useful (or even necessary) for…โดย Lindsay Buroker
It’s a “just-us” episode today, with Jo, Andrea, and Lindsay answering listener questions. We ran out of time and didn’t get to the leftover protagonist-craft questions that we teased in the intro (whoops), but we…โดย Lindsay Buroker
Our guest this week is Honoree Corder, an executive and strategic book and publishing coach, TEDx speaker, and the author of dozens of books including You Must Write a Book and The Prosperous Writer series.…โดย Lindsay Buroker
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