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Have you have beer spilt on you at a concert? How about a camera blocking your view? Been shoved around a venue because someone just has to get to the front? In this episode, Scotty discusses the do's and don'ts of how to behave at live performances. Audience etiquette. It's a real thing.โดย Scotty Huff
In this episode, Scotty talks with Darin Murphy from Creative Artist Agency (CAA) in Nashville, TN about the role of booking agents, or talent agents, in the music industry.โดย Scotty Huff
In this episode, Scotty chats with Production Manager, Mark Miles about what production managers do. Mark is the production manager for Sugarland and has worked with other artists like Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, and Dream Theater.โดย Scotty Huff
Scotty sits down with Grammy Award winner, Raul Malo, from The Mavericks to talk about his experience while performing and filming the PBS documentary, Havana Time Machine, in Havana Cuba.โดย Scotty Huff
This episode sheds some light behind the scenes of concert lighting with a discussion with lighting designer, Chris Lisle, who has designed shows for Miranda Lambert, Robert Plant, Jason Aldean, Quincy Jones, and Keith Urban just to name a few.โดย Scotty Huff
Interview with recording engineer Michael Esser (Sheryl Crow, Black Crowes, Cage The Elephant) about how microphones work.โดย Scotty Huff | Musician having worked with recording artists Keith Urban, Jake Owen, The Mavericks, WIll Hoge
This episode looks at the history of the song "Happy Birthday To You" that we all sing when celebrating a birthday. We bet you didn't realize there was so much controversy surrounding this little ditty.โดย Scotty Huff
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