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Scottish Government steps back from going full Wolf Hall, just about swerving an absolute monarchy, plus 'a Bickering of Council Coalitions', if that is the right collective noun (clue: it is). Have fun!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week the Women in Public Affairs (WIPA) Scotland team speaks to Talat Yaqoob, award-winning campaigner and writer specialising in women’s equality and anti-racism. The episode is a segment from an event focused on Talat's incredible work and women's particpation in politics and public life.โดย Andrew Jackson
Ferries in Scotland, democracy accountability, government incompetence plus 'Is the theatre of the Scottish Parliament's convenors' group that of the absurd?' Enjoy! If that's the right word.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week the Women in Public Affairs (WIPA) Scotland team talk to Charlotte Adamson, chair of WIPA (in London) and an account director at Cicero/amo. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
Today we talk about working in public affairs, policy and communications with Clare Slipper, podcast regular in her WIPA role, and Senior Associate at the strategic communications agency, Message Matters. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
For this week's Women in Public Affairs Scotland takeover, Kimberley Somerside and Clare Slipper speak to Eilidh Dickson, Policy and Parliamentary Manager at Engender (Scotland). Listen in to their chat about misogyny and criminal justice and the Scottish Parliament's gender audit, plus what they've been enjoying reading!…
This week, Freedom of Information, how open is government really, how open could it be & why isn't it? Plus state pensions after Scottish independence as an example of how hard it is for citizens to get hold of the facts.โดย Andrew Jackson
"It takes two!" sang Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston. Or does it? This week, unicameral and bicameral assemblies and parliamentary innovations with Dr. Andrew Williamson. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week Kimberley Somerside and Sarah Cowie from WiPA speak to Clare Morrison, Director for Scotland of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, about the National Care Service, NHS Near Me and sustainability in pharmacy.โดย Andrew Jackson
What do the Scottish Government's proposals for regulating the legal profession tell us about the separation of powers, democracy, politics and the state of our MSPs and the Scottish Parliament?โดย Andrew Jackson
"Money's too tight to mention". What's in the Scottish budget, what's not and why it's tough to tell one way or the other plus: Is Moray Council gambling with democracy?โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, Clare Slipper, Sarah Cowie and Debbie McCreath from Women in Public Affairs Scotland talk about Scotland's growing bioeconomy, and the opportunities that Scottish innovation and technology can create for food production and land management.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week: what does a good food nation mean if it doesn't mean a right to food and what does a right to food entail? Plus, political divisions around the National Care Service.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, we talk with Gordon Johnston from the Scottish Mental Health Partnership on where Scotland is at in improving & treating the population's mental health.โดย Andrew Jackson
In this week's Women in Public Affairs Scotland takeover, Kimberley Somerside and Clare Slipper talk about the only show in town - COP26. With a guest contribution from Lucy Miller, listen in to their discussion on COP26 ambitions, inspiration from climate activists, and the diplomacy around tackling the climate crisis.…
This week we talk to one time Parliamentary staffer Ross Sanderson about what it was like to work at Holyrood and at Westminster for MSP and then MP, John Lamont. Plus; those Supreme Court decisions.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week: Women in Public Affairs Scotland talks to Jimmy Paul & Denisha Killoh of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance about what wellbeing economics are, why they matter, what people in public affairs can do to influence decision makers and what a wellbeing economy looks like in practice…plus a cat.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week: political parties as in parties, not Parties (innocent fun or sinister DC-esque swamp?); Humza's tumble; and the Institute for Government reports on borrowing & currency in an independent Scotland.โดย Andrew Jackson
David's back and we're talking about the Programme for Government, independence, a little bit more about the SNP/Green deal and comedians doing public service announcements. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week we welcome Alistair Stewart of Orbit Communications back to the podcast to talk about the SNP/Green deal and Scotland’s approach to international affairs. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
We're back - and how! This week, we're pleased to welcome Eve Livingston to the podcast to talk about her fantastic new book "Make Bosses Pay: Why We Need Unions" (from Pluto Press). Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
End of term random ramblings that take us to discussing who the next SNP leader might be... and who it shouldn't be! We break for the summer so see you in the autumn. Have a good one.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, WiPA Scotland chat with Scottish Greens Co-Leader and newly elected MSP Lorna Slater on experiences of entering Holyrood, the cooperation agreement talks, the green agenda, and circus skills!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, some comparative politics between Sweden and Scotland with Prof. Jonas Hinnfors, Professor of Political Science at the University of Gothenberg and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Stirling. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week we talk to Graham Atkins of the Institute for Government about their recent report ‘Devolved Public Services: The NHS, schools and social care in the four nations’. How is Scotland doing in the UK context? Listen in & find out! You can find the report here:…
This week WIPA discuss Covid, the new Scottish Cabinet, Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of priorities for her ‘first 100 days’, cross-party cooperation, an SNP/Green coalition and our new Scottish parliamentarians.โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, Gordon MacRae of Shelter Scotland explains what the housing pledges in the SNP & Green manifestos might mean for affordable housing in Scotland in this Scottish Parliamentary session. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, we dissect the Scottish election results with Graeme Downie, Director, Orbit Communications inc. how radical might the Greens be & what chance of a second independence referendum? Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week: the Scottish election, dental policy, means testing, candidates to watch (Andy Wightman, Peter Krykant & Bonnie Prince Bob)and a VERY special announcement! Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, it's more random ramblings on the Scottish election including manifestos, the dominance of the independence question and a penny bag of Scottish political all sorts. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, a random pick 'n' mix of reflections on the election in Scotland so far. Inspirational? Depressing? Listen in and all will be revealed... enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
In a bumper edition this week, as he steps down as an MSP, we talk to John Finnie, about public service, moving parties over NATO, the equal protection law and being a parliamentary parent. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
In this episode, we welcome Labour MSP Neil Findlay and talk about his experiences in the Scottish Parliament, his campaigning work on trans-vaginal mesh and life after Holyrood. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week we interview the outgoing Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Ken Macintosh MSP, on his long career in politics and the development of the Parliament since its inception in 1999. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week we talk to outgoing MSP Gail Ross about her time in the Scottish Parliament and the ups and downs of being the elected member for the largest mainland constituency in Scotland, and of family, the Faroes & the future. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week, in celebration of International Women's Day, we hand over the podcast to Women in Public Affairs Scotland (with WIPA organising committee members Kimberley Somerside, Clare Slipper & Debbie McCreath) who are talking Covid-19 lockdowns; the Scottish Climate Change Plan & IWD itself inc. Choose To Challenge. Enjoy!…
This week we talk to Emily Gray, MD of Ipsos Mori in Scotland, about their latest poll on voting intentions and what it tells us about where we're heading as we move towards the 2021 Scottish election.โดย Andrew Jackson
Scottish politics is constipated and the independence issue is the plug in the pipe. Until the country poops it out (one way or the other), we won't be able to stomach the real policy change the nation needs. Plus the Salmond Inquiry. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
This week we speak to Anas Sarwar MSP, currently Scottish Labour's spokesperson on constitutional affairs and candidate in the party's leadership election; about his life, his politics and his policies for the future of Scotland. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
Tonight we talk to Gail Irvine from the Carnegie UK Trust about the Trust's new report on the minimum wage & work (produced together with the Learning and Work Institute) plus her thoughts on current Scottish politics more widely. Enjoy!โดย Andrew Jackson
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