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Are you wondering why you should have a medical marijuana card? Well, many do. But the first and essential reason behind having a medical marijuana card is that you will get legal access to medical marijuana treatment. Yes, you will get a doctor’s recommendation and appropriate dosage information that will help you treat the medical condition right. Apart from this, a medical marijuana card comes with access to several privileges, including tax exemptions, access to high-quality marijuana pr ...
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In this sermon we go back into the ministry of Jesus and read it anew in light of his death and resurrection. We look at what it means to line up behind someone with substance rather than the fleeting heroes and legends we’re so tempted to put our hopes in.
In this sermon we go back to those first Sunday nights when Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room. We consider what it means that Jesus is forming a community in that moment of scared and scarred people and that the gospel is made known when we show our wounds.
In this sermon we go back to the basics, back to those first moments of an empty tomb and Jesus appearing to some of the disciples, of how the resurrection changes everything, of what it means to recognize him in the breaking of bread and how every time we break bread we re-member him in our bodies and imitate him in our lives.…
In this sermon we explore a dissonance that is at the heart of Christianity, the contrast between Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Jesus’ triumphal entry prepares us for the most illogical of things, God on a cross. In this we find peace and hope that wherever the rocks are crying out, God is there.
In this sermon we consider the story of Mary anointing Jesus with perfume. We read it through the lens of a man Vedran Smajlović who played music for twenty two days in a row at the exact spot where a mortar shell killed as many people, one day for each person. We consider how things like music and Mary’s offering are haunting and beautiful things …
In this sermon we consider what it means to live faithfully in the midst of the headlines. We consider a couple of headlines from Jesus’ day, what it means to ask big cosmic questions, and the faithfulness of the Ukrainian church right now.
In this sermon we follow Jesus into the wilderness where he is tempted. We consider what it means to come to the end of yourself (and what you might find when you get there), The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the dangerous grace of mirrors.
In this sermon we talk about the transfiguration of Jesus, unpacking many of the layers of Scripture embedded into this story. We end by looking at the instruction to listen to Jesus, the disciple's response of silence, and how speaking begins in silence.
In this sermon we talk about what it means not to be a stumbling block, that is, a person who gets in the way of someone's path to God. We talk about the church as a social body where power is inverted (the lowly are lifted up and the mighty are brought down); where the marginalized and neglected are seen, and heard, and redeemed; and where account…
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