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The Fisher Link podcast is presented by Fisher Ink, the student-run magazine of The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business. Each episode explores topics relevant to business today — subjects like leadership, entrepreneurship and career development. Join us for thoughtful conversations with many of Fisher’s executive partners, faculty thought leaders, and students and alumni as we explore the dynamics of 21st-century business.
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This episode, Grant and Andrew speak with graduating senior Sam Shew, accounting major and history minor, who is a member of PGN, or Phi Gamma Nu, a co-ed professional development organization within the Fisher College of Business. Sam reflects on his fondest memories at Ohio State, his favorite class, and how he spent his time outside of the class…
Ever wondered what it's like to start a music career while in college? On this episode, Grant and Andrew speak with Adam Paddock, a third-year strategic communications student, who has been writing and producing music under the same name since the beginning of 2020. Tune in to find out more about his story, how he utilizes his curriculum to help gr…
Are you considering a Master's degree after your undergraduate career, but you're not quite sure what that would look like, or if it's right for you? In this episode of Fisher Link, Grant and Jon discuss the benefits of completing your MBA degree, how long it could take, and why it might be enticing for students. Plus, they hear from two MBA gradua…
On this episode of Fisher Link, Grant and Jon discuss the recent developments within the stock market involving heavily shorted stocks such as videogame retailer GameStop and movie theatre chain AMC. They define commonly used terms such as shorting, a short squeeze, hedge funds, and more, while offering their take on the ongoing battle between soph…
On this episode of Fisher Link, Grant and his new co-host Jon speak with Fisher students and Honors Cohort members Julia Grant and Bailey Ardrey about their experiences within the program, the benefits it can have for employability, and their advice for students looking to get involved.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link, we are joined by Fisher professors Michael Knemeyer and Terry Esper to discuss the importance of developing a global mindset and cultural awareness for employability, relatability, and social interactions. They also detail their respective programs within the Office of Global Business, and how they have shifted to re…
Fisher Link is back for another season! This episode features Adam Morris, founder of Wild Tiger Tees, a screen-printing and T-shirt design shop employing youth experiencing homelessness to help them get back into the workforce, based here in Columbus.โดย Fisher Link
In this episode, Grant discusses the various methods of investing your money, such as stocks, bonds, and Roth IRA accounts, as well as the most cost-effective providers of these services. He also offers some tips for college students to sensibly use their money.โดย Fisher Link
This episode, Grant had the privilege to sit down with Matthew Bonner, OUAB president and fourth-year Marketing and Logistics Management major here at Ohio State. They discussed his responsibilities as OUAB president, the day-to-day operations of OUAB, and all that goes into providing fun and interesting events for the student body.…
This week Grant and Lily sat down with Doug Farren, the Managing Director for the National Center for the Middle Market, as well as Instructor of the Middle Market and Retail Industry Immersion programs to discuss the resources offered to middle-market companies by Ohio State, as well as Doug’s insights from marketing projects he’s worked on and hi…
This week we sat down with Michael Mastroianni, a finance student and team manager for the Ohio State Basketball Team, and discussed his responsibilities, what it’s like working with the team, and the valuable skills he has gained during his time as managerโดย Fisher Link
This week, we spoke with Alec Newlon, a Fisher student and sustainability enthusiast, to discuss The Industry Immersion Program, and his sustainability efforts here at Ohio State and beyond. Newlon along with other OSU students traveled to McGill University in Montreal, where they competed in The Global Retail Challenge.…
On this episode of Fisher Link, we are joined by the Chinese Business Professional Association who discuss adjusting to life in a new country, the opportunities their organization offers for professional development, and offer some valuable leadership advice.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of FisherLink, Paige welcomes Imran Nuri student and philanthropist to talk about his venture into the non-profit sphere, while making an incredible impact from right here at Ohio State.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode, Paige interviews Emma Rohe and Rachael Pond, recruiters from the JM Smucker Company, to give students advice and insight before heading into the upcoming recruitment season.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link we talk to Chad Goodwin and Sebastian Kovach, founders of Eden Burger, a vegan-burger joint in between campus and the Short North. Chad and Sebastian talk about their experience as entrepreneurs.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link we talk to Paul Reeder, who is the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Paul talks about his career as well as the entrepreneurial mindset.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link we speak with Maureen Grady, who is a program manager in The Office of Global Business. Maureen talks about the range of opportunities students have to study abroad.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link we speak with local entrepreneur Dan Starek. Dan talks about his experience as a bar owner in the ever changing campus area along with the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur.โดย Fisher Link
On the first episode of season two for Fisher Link, Ohio State student and entrepreneur David Butcher joins the podcast. David describes his experience founding his own restaurant while being a student.โดย Fisher Link
On the final episode of our first season we welcome David Trimm, the current CIO of Wendy’s Restaurants. David discusses his experience working for Hilton, Hertz, Coca-Cola and now the fast food chain, while also giving his thoughts on the industry today.โดย Fisher Link
On this week’s episode we have John Lavange, the former Drum Major for the Ohio State University Marching Band and current Fourth-Year student in the Fisher College of Business. John discusses his time as a student on campus and whats to come after graduationโดย Fisher Link
This week’s episode of FisherLink features local business owner and restauranteur Scott Elsworth, the owner of Three’s Above High, Too’s Spirits Under High, and Barrel on High. He provides insight on his experiences and his impact around Ohio State’s campus.โดย Fisher Link
On this episode of Fisher Link presented by Fisher Ink, Brent and Paige sit down with Anil Makhija, the current Dean of the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, to discuss his experiences in the role and the state of the college.โดย Fisher Link
The debut episode of Fisher Link includes special guest Ty Shepfer, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Honors Cohort at The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business, he discusses his experiences in the corporate and academic world with our hosts Brent and Paige.โดย Fisher Link
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