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A comedy show that takes a look at lovable local listings and lends our sales "expertise". For a half hour every other week, three sales experts discover what really sets good listings apart. We’ll give our sales "advice" and really take a dive into the endless sea of terrible online classifieds for your benefit and enjoyment.
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Hello! It's me, the human podcaster who makes this podcast and requires food to continue living. I'm not a stuffed bear! Please listen to this episode that I recorded with my human mouth along with two other humans. I'm very much made of flesh and blood and not a stuffed bear. Thanks. Topics Include: Stripper Pole Fishing, Basket-tude, and Bad Gift…
This is the end for Tina, the Trials Witch! We've scraped the barrel and brought you the last of our lost episodes this week. Follow along on our Instagram, @FSBOPodcast! Topics Include: Wiffle Sticks n' Tenny B's, Tut's House, and Viva Las Vapors.
This one is a doozy. Say hi to Tina, the Trials Witch and EJ, who was recorded somewhere in a vast, open cavern in our first of two "Lost Episodes". Follow along on our Instagram @FSBOPodcast to see the listings as you go along! Topics Include: Scrapbook Campers, Don't Go Kickstarting My Heart, and Chicken Bears.…
It's a new year, so let's hand out some new sales advice! But, please, go easy on us. We're working with a new intern and she's...well she trying. Topics Include: Build-a-Bride, African Mr. Tumnus' Strange Menagerie, and our first letter from a concerned listener.
In FSBO's tenth episode, we help a seller really get their delivery business off the ground with their own show on TLC, the most reputable of networks! Topics include: Half-finished fish art, toilet reefs, and a safe safe Christmas horse.
Happy Holidays from your favorite sales "experts". In this episode, the spirit of the holidays is fresh and our gift to you is an extra-long, themed episode. You're welcome and we're sorry. Topics include: Blue Boy, Ghost Johnny Cash, and Dream Coats
The next time you go to a county fair, you better have yourselves an inter-dimensional poultry display case, otherwise you're just going to look like a damn fool.Topics include: animal art, sibling battle game shows, and a lonely working man.
This description has been HACK3d. This podcast has been H4CkeD. The three hosts have been H4CK3D. Actually, I don't want them. You can have them back.Topics include: Bartered Erotic Fiction, Rustic Pinterest Garbage, Bears - Stuffed or Not
Get ready to experience the Harry Potter series like you never have before. Three "experts" will beautifully retell J.K. Rowling's astounding tale that really really goes off the rails by, like, the third book.Topics include: Pirate businesses, "Here's Your Sign", and the J.K.verse.
This week, we tackle the intriguing world of school advertised through Craigslist. How many times has that copy been translated, copied and pasted, and re-translated? We may never know.Topics include: Being from Ecuador, dong gongs, and old, bad, bicycles.
This time around, we get into taking your love of carpentry and turning it into an Etsy store with tasteful, yet intriguing, wood-themed nudity.Topics include: Selling weed on Craigslist, off-brand Jeff Foxworthy mugs, and how to re-brand your new cult.
In our first episode, we do such a very good job of talking about salesmanship tactics that we definitely forgot to talk about salesmanship tactics. We get off track.Topics include: The famous grill toilet, human conversation stater Al Jolson, and old meat.
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