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Who doesn't love a plan named after a specific year? When has such a plan ever gone wrong? I briefly discuss the disappointing end to the Bulls season, what they should do in the off-season, and how they can legitimately position themselves to add that third star player.โดย bullsbeat
I break down the fallacies people use to discuss why the Bulls won this trade including overrating Nikola Vucevic, underrating the assets we gave to acquire him, the synergies we may gain with this pairing, and the difficulties that will come up in making the next move.โดย bullsbeat
I discuss the Bulls shocking pick of Patrick Williams ans review the last picks of the Bulls to see how accurate fan sentiment is in predicting results. Also touch lightly on draft and stash 2nd rounder Marco Siminovic.โดย bullsbeat
I discuss the Bulls front office build out with more support staff hires, the news about Don Rivers and whether the Bulls should have waited even longer to get him, and Bradley Beals new found love for Chicago and whether we should pursue him.โดย bullsbeat
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