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FF Salary Captains

FF Salary Captains

David A Hill

Tired of participating in the same old leagues every year? So were we! That's why we participate in Salary Cap Fantasy Football. It's the closest thing you can get to running your own NFL Franchise. We go in depth on strategy, setup, maintenance and of course winning in a Salary Cap league. Get ready to come aboard the last Ship you'll ever want to win!
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Matt and Dave go over the new startup Deuces Wild! Auction values for our first 2 copy salary cap league and recent rookie draft. Waterbet between myself and Matt Baker about Jason Witten's fantasy finish in 2019. Always welcome questions on Twitter. @ffsalarycaptain
We are hosting a league! If you want to jump in, go check out our Twitter for details. @ffsalarycaptain We are joined by Kyle Holden(@kyleholdenff) from and @dynastydynamix for our first Salary Cap SF Rookie Mock draft. 48 players with our analysis of each pick. Hope you enjoy…
We cover everything from offseason schedule to drop penalties. This episode is all about league setup. John is one of the most creative minds in Dynasty and Salary Cap fantasy football. His notoriously brutal setup and my deep/dynasty league style are a great contrast. We give our preferences, and debate why we like our setups. @ffSalaryCaptain @da…
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