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Having a website that is built by a professional can help in establishing your business's online presence. When your business is known online, you will be able to increase your sales and make your business more successful. If you are looking for affordable website packages then SWOT - WGA Marketing Sdn Bhd, A professional web designer offers an aff…
US v. Avenatti Day 5, Avenatti to cross examine Stormy Daniels, Inner City Press' Geragos Nike questions. Prince Andrew wants a jury - and a Juror 50? A week out from #GenocideGamesOfGuterres, eye on how NBC will cover up Xinjiang, Taiwan, UN failure
Jan 27-1: Before US v. Avenatti / Stormy Daniels trial, Day 4, after Macias testified how he got Garagos to lend $250,000 to Avenatti - Inner City Press asks if that's why Avenatti cut Garagos in on Nike shake-down. Also, #GenocideGamesOfGuterres, #UNcensorship http://www.innercit…
US v. Avenatti, before Day 3 with Avenatti now representing myself, crossing Regnier and soon Stormy Daniels, also opioids case & UN collusion in #GenocideGames as China mass incarcerates Uighurs, Inner City Press reporting on it all
US v. Avenatti, before Day 2, literary agent Luke Janklow still on the stand under cross-examination by Avenatti's taxpayer-funded lawyer. Also, #GenocideGamesOfGuterres, UN collusion in China's mass incarceration of Uighurs, UNSG links to CEFC bribes New text:…
Vlog: US v. Avenatti & Palin v. NYT Day 1 with new mask-or-test rules in place, Inner City Press will be live tweeting both, as launches #GenocideGames of @AntonioGuterres project about mass incarceration of Uighurs, banned from entering the UN for asking about it
Ghislaine Maxwell's motion for new trial entirely sealed, Inner City Press files opposition with Judge Nathan; dirty doctors Hadden (@SDNYLIVE) & Arnold (EDNY); from UN no answers from @AntonioGuterres on GMax, @Mona_Juul on Epstein, US Mission incomplete…
Ghislaine Maxwell time excluded to April 1, Prince Andrew discovery reply tomorrow, dirty doc Cruciani wants finances sealed, Larry Ray gets free shrink $500 / hour; Inner City Press asked UN about #GenocideOlympics /NBA owner, #Nigeria Kanu; books "Maximum Maxwell: The Narrow Prosecution: From UN Collusion to Five Guilty Verdicts, Impunity on Tria…
Jan 18-1: As Prince Andrew case heats up @SDNYLIVE, the Kazakhstan oligarch he over-sold his Queen-given house to, Timur Kulibayev, has been deposed from Atameken business lobby, amid protests against all things Nazarbayev. Inner City Press is asking UN. Book(s) "Identity Thieves: A Tale of Fraud from the UN to West Africa via SDNY, Kurt Wheelock a…
Prince Andrew loses military titles - will he be prosecuted? He stayed on #Nygard Cay - now, Canadian law covering up for Nygard cited to silence Inner City Press reporting @SDNYLIVE case of Weronika Janczuk, see
Ghislaine Maxwell Juror 50's deleted social media profile published by Inner City Press, but he like the Press is blocked from case's docket; UN won't answer on Maxwell or Prince Andrew links
In US v. Ghislaine Maxwell, DOJ is ready to drop the perjury charges, if her post-trial motions are denied. Team Maxwell wants everything stayed pending probe of Juror 50. Inner City Press filed to UNseal Dirty Doc Cruciani's affidavit, UN stonewalls
Jan 10: US would drop Maxwell perjury charges but she want probe of Juror 50 now, UN colludes with #Kazakhstan killing civilians, bans Inner City Press
Maximum Maxwell Juror 50 Intrigue; UN complicit in killing of civilians by Kazakhstan troops in UN helmets, no answer to Press by @UN_Spokesperson of SG @AntonioGuterres, nor UNSC President @NorwayUN @Mona_Juul (linked to $130,000 personal loan from Jeffrey Epstein)
Jan 6; Amid MaximumMaxwell, UK book thief Filippo Bernardini like Egypt spy Pierre Girgis is freed on bail, Bronxite Valles detained, UN scam of @AntonioGuterres
Jan 4: Prince Andrew wants Giuffre case dismissed, but SDNY argument; @NorwayUN censors Epstein @Mona_Juul link questions from Inner City Press, #MaximumMaxwell
VLawG on US v. #GhislaineMaxwell Judge Nathan's New Year's ultimatum, 1 minute in Foley Square, 28 Dec 2021 #MaximumMaxwell (and re-request for public call-in phone line amid Omicron In US v. Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Judge Mulls New Year's Deliberations As Inner City P…
Dec 27-2: US v #GhislaineMaxwell jury wants Epstein pilot testimony, Judge Nathan mulls longer hours, UN sleaze under @AntonioGuterres; #SouthKorea Mission mistress case
Podcast of Dec 20-2: US v #GhislaineMaxwell closing by Menninger, trashing survivors, slides withheld, as UN stonewalls on its sex scandals #UNRWA, Kabul
Dec 20-1: US v #GhislaineMaxwell closing by AUSA Moe, with slides withheld, as UN covers up Geir Pedersen and Epstein. @AntonioGuterres & GMax, UNRWA, Kabul, etc
Dec 13-1: #MaxwellTrial hiatus Day 1, Hoffenberg, Stroll & Epstein deep dive into @SDNYLIVE cases for #Maximum Maxwell project, UN cover-up of SG @AntonioGuterres support of #GhislaineMaxwell continued by @UN_Spokesperson Farhan Haq
Dec 10-1: #GhislaineMaxwell fondled Annie Farmer in New Mexico, jury hears, cross-examination & UN cover up by @AntonioGuterres, who's represented on GMax' Terramar board
Dec 9: #GhislaineMaxwell prosecutor ill, Inner City Press letter to Judge Nathan for logs, lists & lines, Kevin Spacey case @SDNYLIVE, UN censors Press, Terramar & IPI / Epstein
Dec 6-1: Ghislaine Maxwell procured Witness Kate for sex w/ Epstein, exhibits redacted, UN won't answer on SG @AntonioGuterres' links with Epstein & #MaximumMaxwell
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