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A daily news podcast about the Royal Family. What's new with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the rest of the British Royal Family. Even Prince Andrew. It's like season 17 of The Crown in real time.
Welcome to our Podcast all about the British Royal Family. Every episode will be crammed to the rafters with news, commentary and opinions about the family of Windsors. Join your hosts Rachael Andrews and Michelle Thole as we take a look at the comings and goings of the Royal family and try keeping up with the Windsors. Remember to subscribed and leave us a comment on the podcast. And why not be part of our royal community over on Instagram - @keepingupwiththewindsorspod
Welcome to Pod Save The Queen - the award-winning royal podcast from the Daily Mirror. The royal family is finding its way in a new era on both sides of the Atlantic. Harry and Meghan's departure - and subsequent frank interview with Oprah Winfrey - and the loss of Prince Philip, the head of the family at 99 are two major challenges. Add to that Prince Andrew being sacked by the Queen and a changing of the guard to the younger generations, as future kings William and Charles, along with thei ...
Us Weekly gives you all the tea on what we know best: The Royals! From exclusive info on Harry and Meghan, to all about Kate and Meghan’s fashion, to inside Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s lives growing up Royal - we have everything you need to know about our favorite family across the pond.
The Royals Podcast

The Royals Podcast

AfterBuzz TV

The Royals After Show Podcast recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of E!'s The Royals. Show Summary: Power is everything, there are no limits, and trust is nonexistent for the royal family featured in this drama series. Queen Helena and King Simon try to present an aura of class and grace to the public, but the truth of the family's life is much different, as tainted politics and family issues threaten to cause chaos and turmoil for the royals.
This Is My Family

This Is My Family

Tyler Greene | The Story Producer

A new podcast about building a life with the people we love. As a gay dad in an interracial marriage, host Tyler Greene’s life is a testament to the fact that there are many ways to define family today. Each week, his conversations with guests reveal funny and heartfelt stories about how you can make a family, and how your family makes you. Join us as we celebrate the beautifully messy connections that shape our lives.
The Great Indian Family

The Great Indian Family

Ep.Log Media

Hosted by author-entrepreneur, Koral Dasgupta, the podcast is an attempt to refresh memories, invoke nostalgia and scoop out superb fun stories about the family from various lives. The Great Indian Family is a podcast produced by Ep.Log Media | A Part of Zero Hour Entertainment Live, laugh, enjoy…preferably with your family!
We are a family YouTuber featuring a Professional wrestler and an Actor and my family We do a reality show and paranormal investigation and food reviews and cooking shows and pranks and challenges and more! Please feel free to check our channel we do the YouTubing as a family we make awesome content you all please enjoy watching our videos please leave a like and comment and share and subscribe thank you for your all's support.
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We fangirl over the amazing success of the Earthshot prize awards, the Queen is taken ill and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has a solo engagement with Forward Trust where she meets T.V. presenters, Ant and Dec who make her jump out of her skin. Also, The Queen turns down an oldie award and we talk about the Global Investment Summit held at Wi…
Hr Majesty was briefly hospitalized. Conspiracy theorists wonder why the Royal Standard was still flying over the palace. And is it time for the Queen to start slowing down?โดย The Shark Deck
We begin this week’s episode by discussing the Queen’s decision to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland on medical advice, with royal editor Russell Myers sharing the latest updates from the Palace with host Zoe Forsey. We also chatt about Prince William’s brilliant Earthshot Prize Ceremony, focusing on the inspiring winners, sustainable fashion (in…
Billie Eilish likes the Royals, "They were just very friendly and funny and sweet. I can’t complain.” Meanwhile, the Queen sometimes takes people hostage!โดย The Shark Deck
Meghan Markle Was "Slightly Duchessy" on Deal or No Deal' according to Howie Mandel...meanwhile Meghan is on her way to creating a billion dollar brand.โดย The Shark Deck
Shatner vs. William? Pass the popcorn. Kate and William might come to the USA in 2022. All American Royal Family podcasters welcome this. Maybe they could guest on Harry's podcast. And the Queen is giving up on her nightly Martini.โดย The Shark Deck
Hey world leaders, the passive aggressive monarch is kind of annoyed you're not coming to the climate summit. Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds swapped out the Wax Queenโดย The Shark Deck
We follow William during his EarthShot engagements, we discuss The Queen using her walking stick, updates from the Prince Andrew court case are announced and Michelle is super happy to have the Royals back in Wales for the opening of the Welsh Assembly. Camilla’s dogs, Bluebell and Beth make a star appearance (as always!) and we get you up to speed…
It’s been a busy week for the royals, so lots for host Zoe Forsey and royal editor Russell Myers to discuss. The Queen returned to Buckingham Palace for her first major engagement since the beginning of the pandemic, writing a secret message that will travel around the world. She stayed in London to attend a service at Westminster Abbey, where she …
Who wouldn't want financial advice from Harry and Meghan? Well good news they are entering the financial buisness, not to be confused with their Netflix Deal, their Spotify podcast deal (how is episode 2 coming along?) and Harry's book deal.โดย The Shark Deck
Presumably the publishers would like Harry to spill some gossip in his upcoming books. The best card he has left to play might be revealing the royal racist.โดย The Shark Deck
Rami Malek discusses his encounters with Kate Middleton and Prince William. More making fun of Diana: The Musical And once again we don't mention You Know Whoโดย The Shark Deck
It's one of those rare episodes where we don't mention You Know Who - the new movie Spencer is getting mixed reviews for its portrayal of Princess Diana, but the musical Diana is getting ripped.โดย The Shark Deck
Catherine’s Iconic 007, Jenny Packham gold goddess dress gets the royal red carpet treatment in the royal news this week, The Queen wears Michelle’s favourite Maple leaf brooch on her Canadian-themed engagements, we chat about the fearless Duchess of Cambridge holding a bird eating spider and The Princess Royal goes sailing with HMS Albion. It’s a …
Not Charles, not William, not Harry, not Meghan (well yeah not Meghan)'s Kate Middleton to whom Elizabeth trusts the future. Meanwhile, Kate didn't have the energy to be Meghan's friend.โดย The Shark Deck
This week, the Mirror’s royal editor joins host Zoe Forsey to talk about the Queen and Prince Charles’s day out, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip to Northern Ireland (complete with giant spider and a snake) and Sophie Wessex’s powerful words on the menopause. There is also an update on Prince Andrew and we learn the sweet meaning behind the…
Andrew Morton suggests that Diana casts such a large shadow over everything Harry does that she is actually the third wheel in Meghan Markle's marriage.โดย The Shark Deck
Snoop Dogg even invited Harry and Meghan Markle over for Thanksgiving and promised them "something special." Please please accept this invitation for podcasters everywhere. Tina Brown has a book coming out about all the latter-day Royal know, the stuff we talk about on this podcast - Wills/Kate/Harry/Meghan. We say bring it on!…
Is there nothing Kate Middleton cannot do? She recently braved a tarantula, and William braved a half-pint of Guinness. Meanwhile Harry & Meghan's culinary adventures, and how Harry met when Katie Couric met him.โดย The Shark Deck
They've done a lot of deals..but what do their business partners have to show for it? That's up for debate. When might we get episode 2 of the Spotify podcast?โดย The Shark Deck
👑 The Royal Community asked and we listened... Here is our review of Netflix’s The Crown, series one. We share our opinions on the show's portrayal of the royal family, the representation of the institution, casting, costume, music, set design and screenwriting choices too. We then take a deep dive into each episode breaking down the themes, storyl…
The Duchess of Cambridge has wowed at two very different events in two very different outfits this week. Kate brought full red carpet glamour to the James Bond premiere at the Royal Albert Hall - days after sporting a mini tennis outfit as she hit the court with Emma Raducanu and Britain’s other US Open champions. Meanwhile, on the other side of th…
Her Majesty has been through some secret service drills over the years, and one time even skydived out of a helicopter with James Bond. Meanwhile, Prince Charles started a TV Channel.โดย The Shark Deck
Onlookers thought Meghan did most of the talking while on the Sussex's trip to New York, with Harry tuning out and playing on his phone. When the trip was over, they reportedly flew home on a private jet.โดย The Shark Deck
Some on-lookers say they saw cameras following H&M around, and it looked like Harry was wearing a microphone pack. Are the privacy minded royals making a documentary? Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan go for Southern Fried Chicken while William and Kate settle for burgers.โดย The Shark Deck
Privacy Minded Harry and Meghan Markle came to New York City and kept a low profile by meeting with the mayor and the governor and attending a big concert, as private people do. Meanwhile, Kate was being wonderful at tennis.โดย The Shark Deck
Beatrice has had her baby girl this week and we speculate on what the proud parents will call their royal baby. We talk all about the new BBC documentary Prince Phillip: A Royal family remembers. We keep you up-to-date with Catherine’s visit to the lake district, a sustainable fashion show recommended by Prince Charles, the start of Chelsea Flower …
Harry and Meghan are all about privacy, and what better way to be left alone than to travel to New York City's Central Park for Global Citizen Live where Coldplay and Billie Eilish are sure not to attract any paparazzi.โดย The Shark Deck
Prince Philip would have been 100 in June, and preparations were already well under way for his birthday celebrations before he passed away in April. That included a documentary reflecting on his life, which has been updated as a tribute to his life - with contributions from his children and grandchildren. Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper is joi…
Ah, Kate. Who doesn't love Kate. Even Meghan Markle loves Kate. She is so perfect. Plus Diana's Astrologer thinks Diana would have liked Meghan. That's nice, but what about Kate?โดย The Shark Deck
Hey The Palace wants you to know that the Queen supports BLM. Why would you think the Queen doesn't support BLM? Anyway did you get the memo? She supports BLM.โดย The Shark Deck
Catherine is back and has her first engagement after her summer break, we talk about Harry’s 37th birthday and that Time magazine cover, we give you the up-to-date news about the Prince Andrew scandal and we cover the investigation into the Princes’ Foundation cash for access claims that came to light recently…plus so much more. 🐶 Welcome to episod…
Sarah Ferguson has written a romantic novel Her Heart For A Compass - but what was it like working with the Duchess of York? Zoe Forsey talked to co-author Marguerite Kaye about it all. And Zoe also joins Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper, along with Mirror fashionista Sarah Bradbury to look back on two royal(esque) weddings as Princess Alexandra…
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