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Chapel Roswell Messages

Chapel Roswell Messages

Chapel Roswell

Life and Faith in the Round. The church is strongest as people in a community living side-by-side, centered around Christ, and going out to always widen the circle and bless the world. Our logo reflects this vision with the “C” in the middle representing Chapel as a community centered in Christ and radiating outward with compassion and creativity.
ROSWELL'S BACK!!!! We're so excited to have our favorite show back, so join the hosts each week break it down! From the past to the present, we'll bring insight and more to each episode. Join us for character discussions, plot breakdowns, and insider news and gossip! Subscribe and Comment to stay up to date on all things Roswell New Mexico!
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Patrick and Ryan finish the season in binge mode and the eps are all the better for it! There are alien body swaps, secret crushes and a final twist that sent one of your hosts REELING.
Woah woah woah. So much is happening in this Roswell New Mexico double-header. A preacher joins the alien fold, Liz does super science, and Rosa has a sweet storyline about pursuing her dreams. Plus, swordfights by the pool of a neat desert mansion!
This week, it's Christmastime in OG Roswell, and at least one of our hosts is into it. Isabel realizes that Christmas is not just about ver vision, Kyle finds out that his dad is all about the young ladies and Max discovers that it's not all about him. Over on Roswell NM, your hosts feel like they missed a step, but enjoy the character pairings for…
This week Patrick consoles Ryan after a viewing of easily the most painful of all M&M breakups. Then, they break down RNM Maria's mind adventures and wish they were more pumped about the latest Michael/Alex developments. NOTE: we had some audio issues, but things are back to normal after the first 5 minutes. Apologies!…
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