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The greatest wizard in the world, a totally normal and handsome human Paladin, and a monk who won’t stop talking about their ex are roped together into hunting down the god of cows. Join players Audrey, Kelly and Char as they get tortured by Alex as the Dungeon Master’s endless puns.
A barbarian, a sorcerer, and Druid walk into a frog town-Stop me if you’ve heard his one. We’re hopping Roleplaying and Rollplaying’s pride month collection! Join Claire, Amber, Audrey, and Perry as the DM for some fantastical froggy fun!
Dane is back! The Bucket Fillers talk about his experience in the Astral Plane, and Oggar and Falafel talk candidly about some...issues. Additionally, the podcasters are all sleep deprived, so this one's a little more chaotic than usual!
It's Christmas time in Fanta City, and that means that the Evil League of Evil will be getting coal in their stockings. Unless, of course, they kill Santa Claus and steal Christmas for themselves! Alex DMs this special for Sam, Audrey, Sean, and Michael, who all play dastardly villains who want to finally get some presents.…
The Bucket Fillers get some cool outfits. Trevor, Dane, and Oggar deal with their pasts. Woggils makes a friend. Andy steals some shit. All around pretty normal events for the gang as they get deeper and deeper into Falafel's theory.
The first episode ever in the Roleplaying and Rollplaying podcast involves some introductions of the party (ish?) as well as discussions about what happens when you urinate into the coffee of a well-liked tea establishment.
Welcome to the Ringbearer Chronicles! If you thought that Session 1 sounds a little...shitty, then we understand! That's why we made this summary so you don't have to slog through our discord audio--then you can get to the good stuff! Hell yeah!
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